LIVE Game Development in Unreal Engine! Project Feline Livestream (Part 1)


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Join me for some live game development! Going to be desiging some new maps and levels for my third-person parkour indie game, Project Feline! Feel welcome to join the fun and ask me anything about the game! Like and Subscribe to see more videos and devlogs on indie game development!

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DISCLAIMER: Project Feline is in pre-production at the time of recording. Gameplay footage shown is not representative of the final product. Visit the development roadmap for more information at

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  1. Raymond Cripps says

    Thank you to all who could make it! Stream starts at 12:21.Support me on Patreon:
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    Follow @raymondafcripps

  2. cameron schiralli says

    I don't know if you've played it, but you might enjoy CelesteHas a similar idea of "having all the abilities from the start, it's just a matter of figuring them out"Not only that, but the game even teaches you some of it's advanced tech.Honestly, the things you're saying about what you want Project Feline to be like reminds me so much of it

  3. Spectra Blaze says

    Watching videos his vids from January 2019.. checks out channel…wait he still making this?

  4. PKRowlet64 says

    I have an idea for the game, maybe on floors there can be pseudo enemy robots, what I mean is you are wall-riding, and when you jump off you either land on an enemy, or press a button. when you do so you could smash them and jump off, maintaining your momentum for the next wall, i'm looking forward to another stream!

  5. WhyTheSkySoTall says

    MY man sexy AF

  6. Pummel Weed says

    Please stream more often, as a fellow game developer, I love watching other people work on their projects and I’d love to tune in

  7. Jan Tuts says

    2:32:05 You make a interesting argument about not releasing the model in the free version to avoid people extracting it!

  8. bamfux productions says

    Stream starts at 12:21Skip there

  9. Gregor Chopen says

    Mind sharing the Title of the Music you played befor starting the stream?

  10. Kool Blue says

    Maybe he could add smashable glass in the future

  11. Jayk Ramolete says

    You should add traps on walls to make the players think more and stuff.

  12. dubba says

    The timer actualy started when you died

  13. WithoutName [FR] says

    You should polish animations like the slide , wall running

  14. Flashpicky says

    3:12:05 minecraft oof sound ??

  15. bogdan TNT says

    You should also try to inspire from assassins creed. With the concept of having 15 path for the same finish.

  16. Tōya says

    I can’t believe I missed this

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