1. QueenKhaleesi says

    Damn you're one of the most efficient and self aware killers I've seen. Have heard more people mentioning your videos as being wholesome lately, wasn't expecting such detailed analysis at all times. Really cool to see. Between you and Otz I've already learned a lot of little details (like being able to walk through a trap currently being disarmed) that surely will add up. Much appreciated!

  2. Ocean Octopus says

    This is basically the meta build for leatherface now

  3. Far Scope says

    It should be “correctly” not “accurately”

  4. A Person. says

    Ooolll ! I know !! Dont use it all

  5. Антон Автоматон says

    Goose big brain!

  6. Dead by Tactics says

    My brain always thinks bubbas chainsaw is a damn leaf blower at first glance

  7. A Tiny Bard says

    It's like… He has so much knowledge to share – that to fit it all in the course of a single match, he has to not stop talking

  8. Captain AAhab says

    Tru3 has been doing this build for a few weeks now. It’s a pretty badass build.

  9. Alex Playz says

    Holy fuck it's intense ahahahahha

  10. Greg Coates says

    Wow, you non stop talk at a extremely high rate. I can't watch this. GL with your channel though

  11. Ethan Bean says

    I think you should do a video on op perks and underpowerded perks that should be fixed

  12. Sam Maki says

    Mate how much adderall did you take

  13. GoneCorrupt says

    Imagine while he’s saying everything he’s facecamping somebody on hook and constantly hitting them

  14. MystikAura says

    I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again. Your commentary is amazing. It’s impressive hearing your thought process as you play but not only that but seeing how it literally doesn’t affect your playing at all. For many content creators I’ve watched they usually don’t commentate as well as this while playing and it’s just so enjoyable to watch. You’re the most enjoyable dbd content creator I’m subbed to and I’ve only been subbed to you for a few days lmao

  15. SaluTv says

    This guy straight up raps the whole video lol

  16. Diana Xx says

    You talk so fast but it’s interesting lol

  17. vvs.caleb- says

    Imagine him as a teacher

  18. ryan Stefan says

    What a game

  19. devil boy says

    What did I just listen to 😂

  20. Faiz Faiz Faiz says

    You are the only DBD player I knew who can rap and play at the same time. I salute you my dude ^_^

  21. cry4help says

    When’s Da Fire Up,Bamboozle,Enduring,Brutal Strength Myres

  22. boringstuff says

    The way you talk is like watching a horse racing match ha

  23. I called this man "The Deadly Moonwalker"

  24. CJ says

    I'd love to see a game with this build where you lose Ruin early and explain how to handle that.

  25. Andrew Annis says

    dude i respect your gameplay so much im a red rank but sometimes i dont let go off chases enough you really show me the importance of split pressure

  26. Daniel Lorenz says

    Do a Freddy build tutorial

  27. Levent Çelik says

    Holy fk this is great

  28. Shirtless Myers says

    Take a breath man damn, you'd be a good caster though

  29. Lukebomber says

    Can you do an updated version based on new bubba

  30. XStarWake says

    Hey man, play with your food is so strong! Do you think its stronger on Bubba or another killer? If so, what other killer would be great to use PWYF? Thanks man

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