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The Vaidya’s Chess Hub is committed to promote Chess, and it will always be our endeavour to produce videos that propagate Chess.

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There are many videos related to the openings, middlegame tactics, endgame techniques, etc. In addition to that there are LIVE games played online on sites such as the
We have taken genuine efforts to also educate the newbies on the laws of Chess, and the correct way of doing things….(so that they do not make an illegal move)
This channel being committee to promote Chess will always strive to produce quality videos that enhance your play, and help you improve your game in general and also the understanding of various Chess terminologies….!
Hope you enjoy all the videos in the channel…(it is recommended that you watch all the videos and then provide your response)

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  1. BB says

    Good thinking skills and commentary but change green board colour Plzz change colour and put brown one

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