Press conference with Chelsea manager Frank Lampard following his team’s 5-3 defeat to Liverpool in the Premier League.

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  1. Marion Mahnke says

    silly little looser frank, you don´t have the power to win….

  2. Lazy Jones says

    what a sad loser

  3. garethdwright91 says

    Stop crying frank lampard

  4. the truth says

    FUCK lampard . Cheslea fans singing about Gerrard slip that cost us the league and now we've stopped them from getting champions league is FUCKING pay back BITCH ass Cheslea fans. Pay back is a BITCH

  5. Paul Phillips says

    Chelsea Y N W A (You'll never win again)

  6. MR RTG says

    Lampard ain’t a manager he be better as a assistant manger he would be better or in the championship as a big team of small prem team

  7. scouse nofeyzulla says

    Lampards jelous

  8. Jaesen Chong says

    His bad behaviour as a manager is a disgrace to lead his team. The referee calls the shots on the field.

  9. ih8mcfly says

    Lampard > Klopp

  10. Steven McKenzie says

    It's a passionate game with the pressure end to the season. Is understandable. All huge games now.

  11. John Nolan says

    Interesting views on Kepa LFC fans used to say stuff like that about footballer of the year Jordan Henderson.

  12. Steven Allen says

    Future England manager I reckon

  13. Emmanuel Djunga says

    Frank too much mistake,leave

  14. ramesh regupathie says

    Frank Lampard is not matured enough as professional coach.

  15. Mohamed ABDELKADER says

    Anothe special one…

  16. Robert Lawler says

    That’s to be expected because they were well beaten in the end by the premier league champions UEFA super cup champions and world club champions and champions league champions but give credit were credits due they had a bit of a go second half but he was upset about that decision for the free kick we scored from but it was a free kick he is upset because his team did not put in a shift that is understandable but don’t spit ya dummy out take like a pro that you’re supposed to be because you’re being like you’re old mentor Jose ya better than that ynwa

  17. Ajax Lewis says

    Liverpool toyed with Chelsea.

  18. SS L says

    Get in there lambpard…europa league

  19. SS L says

    World class and most expensive goal keeper in the world, and worth less than my donkey right now

  20. SS L says

    Baby Lambpard…calm down and watch…TAA…champions

  21. joseph kihanya says

    He was saying some shot things a klopp now look at him haha

  22. That Scouser Again says fabinihos house is burgled whilst playing against Chelsea.DISGRACEFUL AN NEEDS TO STOP.ive started a gofundme page for security for the players homes whilst playing for our beloved club.please share an tweet the link.YNWA

  23. Declan McCartney says

    Liverpool CityChelsea Man utd LeicesterTottenhamNext year's top 6 prediction

  24. hose delavu says

    Calm down wkwkw

  25. Paul James says

    We need a boss in the back four… Frank knows this…Rudiger is good but doesn't cut it.Liverpool have Virgil…who we got??

  26. tchita samor says

    You have to be smile , you looks scare man. This is Just job , you aren't in the war come one

  27. Sinister 666 says

    Lampard looks like he shat in his pants mate??

  28. ynwa says

    The worlds most expensive mistake I mean erm goal ? keeper ?

  29. Nupur Bathija says

    Dylan treges u r correct.We do need a better CB over havertz.Cause even ZIYECH can play as CAM in the midfield

  30. Shanti shanti says

    Our coach made a total fool of him self there, Jurgen stood there like a true champ and just… calm down, calm down… If we ever could have someone like Jurgen… But it will always just be a dream, we never get a great coach like that to Chelsea

  31. Mr pink says

    The only mistake was you Frank ?

  32. demaria paul says

    Calm down Frank Lampard ok U have to respect liverpool ok U will see lampard u out from top 4 ok I like Chelsea football club but u try disrespect liverpool U know liverpool is the best team all time Any time liverpool play Chelsea beat badly when Lampard there

  33. Tony churchley says

    Kepa was useless in the last game with Liverpool the arrogant asses. so we need to play Caballero in our last game as well as pulis, he was brilliant set up one goal and scored the third. But we still miss Kante, but we will be a force to be reckoned with next season.

  34. Tuppence Worth says

    Chelsea's defenders need to move the ball quicker up the pitch. There is too much dilly-dallying with the ball, passing it sideways and backwards.

  35. Danny b DJB says

    Mr lamtard thinks it's ok to run on the Leeds pitch like a bitch and gesture tears to us leeds fans.But God forbid you do anything towards Frank and his team's because it's not fair and sportsmanship like.

  36. Steve Ooi says

    Frank should learn how to respect others before getting respect, maybe he is too pressure as he needs to secure UCL spot to attract more star players to join..I don't know why he mentioned referee decision is benefit to Liverpool, if yes, then it will be a penalty to Liverpool when Azpilicueta bump Mane in penalty box..Kovavic sliding from behind to Mane, it is a clear foul since it cause Mane fall down with the sliding not yet stop where Mane still able to get the ball if not fall down, yellow card is 50:50..If it is inside penalty box and Kovavic did touch the ball 1st, then it is not penalty, but this is out of penalty and the story is different

  37. Nextcore Programming says

    john terry would have raped kepa until he applied to transfer. we need leadership

  38. Matthew Maccaro says

    Chelsea needs two center halves a left back and a keeper then we could be pretty good

  39. ed lechleiter says

    Frankie , you waited too long to put Pulisic in .

  40. Minimal Red says

    Poor baby wants to cry lmao

  41. Johnny Rocker says

    Luis Garcia says hi.

  42. Brian Tadjalli says

    Frank u r my favourite player of all time plz play pulisic and willy instead of kepa

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