Liverpool In 2020 According To Football Manager 2015


Liverpool are on the brink of winning the Premier League title, having lifted the Champions League last season. But did Football Manager 2015 predict this kind of success at Anfield?

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  1. Michael Marks says

    Do Motherwell

  2. Stephen Keely says

    A video on all the starting players of Liverpool's CL win and where they are in FM15 year 2020 would be a great insight.

  3. LucasWR says

    It’s pronounced Robert Ka-noh-ghe

  4. Vesuvius Gaming 2000 says

    Can you do Barcalona or Real Madrid

  5. MArek says


  6. J M says

    Do arsenal

  7. Toon Army says

    Liverpool are better in real life

  8. Rizgn says

    Knoche is better pronounced as knokke with a hard k

  9. Marko Gvozdenac says

    These episodes are a good idea but really boring to watch. Make it interesting, instead of just showing pictures of the players show us their profile in game, so we can see how they progressed and so.

  10. Rhys Powell says

    I thought Rodgers was unlucky to get sacked from Liverpool anyway. Fans never forgave him for driving gerrard out despite it being the right decision

  11. Simon Lange says

    Do Tottenham next

  12. Kyle The Pyle says

    Volland is probably the most underrated player currently. As a Leverkusen fan, I should know.

  13. CAIO MC says

    alisson was actually already a regular for the national team in 2015. i'm an internacional fan and at least here in brasil everyone knew he was a beast

  14. russian joggers says

    Chelsea next

  15. FifaStar22 says

    40!! YAY

  16. Freddie Rogers says

    Do Chelsea

  17. Jack's Page says

    This makes me wanna do this myself…

  18. José Molina Navarro says

    LOL. That's a cool simulation… let's see what curiosities we can gather.1- You use Brendan's 3-4-2-1? (More like a complicated 3-4-3 that can become a 3-6-1 out of the blue). Not sure what I think about that… but 1- Simon Mignolet being pretty good (he was never THAT bad as many remember him… or as 442oons make him look… but compared to Allison Ramses Becker… ouch!)2- Ditto with Dejan Lovren (he's actually a good defender… but inconsistent as a cheap flan)3- You turned Jesus Vallejo, a bang-average player and Wolverhampton recent dropout… into a Champions League and CWC Winner?! AWESOME!!(Although, in Irish guy's words… if Djimi Traore could, EVERYONE CAN! LOL)4- Of course, Hendo is still playing and working his tippy-taps off. Strange that he only became captain in the 17/18 season xD5- In this universe Coutinho and St€r£ing never left… and while the first is still a star player, the second is a bit stagnant (probably)… but at least both are UCL and CWC Champs, so who's to judge?5- Andre Gomez, Everton's fan favorite, playing for the mighty Reds? Hehehe… IRL he wouldn't have a chance trying to displace Fabinho or Gini, but whatever floats LFC's boat, I'm fine with. 6- Balotelli's still at LFC?! And he's still a valuable sub? That was unexpected xP. Maybe in that universe Brendan pulled his ears and taught him about Honesty, Intensity, Hard Work and Character (yeah, thank 442oons for that, too)Oh, and just for curiosity… can you tell us where are Nuno Espirito Santo and Eddie Howe in that simulation? Two of my non-LFC favorite coaches (even if Howe feels sort of identified with Everton)As for players… I wonder what would Oxlade-Chamberlain and Firmino doing in that alternate universe, hehehe.Good luck in your endeavours, James 😉

  19. Matthew Porter says

    hey i know that guy

  20. Five nights at Kyle says

    Could you do a Manchester City from 2015 a football manager

  21. Cormac Evans says


  22. Robert Hingston says

    do arsenal next

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