Liverpool vs Chelsea 5-3 they lift the Premier League Trophy ? Lampard Reaction HD


Liverpool vs Chelsea 5-3 they lift the Premier League Trophy ? Lampard Reaction HD
Liverpool vs Chelsea
Liverpool vs Chelsea 5-3

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  1. Cam says

    The foul on the freekick WAS A FOUL. F'ing get over it. Did Mane flop? Yes. Was it a late whistle? Yes… but there are stills that show the obvious foul.

  2. duane Oabone says

    Foul mouth Lampard and a poor loser …A Winker if ever is one

  3. Anijin Uk says

    Grow up Lampard and remove your own arrogance and hate

  4. Daniel Porter says

    Congratulations to Liverpool, well deserved and would have been tragic if season was abolished due to covid

  5. Heisenberg says

    Mane is a fucking diver. That dive after kovas challenge. Wow. He took one step and just bundled down to the floor. Fucking disgrace.

  6. only me says

    They have spent all that money on attacking players when he already had the attacking talent there, he has completely ignored the defence and trust me next season its gonna come back and bite chelsea in the ass big time!Home grown talent are gonna loose out at chelsea next season.

  7. harry lame says

    A BIG F YOU to all the Henderson haters.. ????. btw Lampard is right some LFC fans need to have some humility! Or did they not teach you that growing up?. You won the League after 30 years! Sit Down. Stop Embarrassing the Club!!!

  8. Todd Turner says

    Would they not be better off with some Journeymen back 4 and goalie?

  9. rajeev paltrow says

    Liverpool should have scored 10. Lampard is deluded

  10. ian jimmy says

    Frank is a great man he knows kepa wasnt good and still give him another opportunity after the break of corona virus.. but man.. so long time chelsea have great GK standart like Cech and Courtois.. I always think if Cech in this game maybe we draw at least.. and added JT and Cole will be different story.. Reece just inexperience but potential.. Rudiger not as same category with JT even with Carvalho.. not mention ashley cole .. now with alonso.. azpi is legend but he is old.. at least 2 defender and one GK should be buy by Chelsea..

  11. UTD FOREVER says

    As a utd fan given a choice I would have lei for final game than wolves.wolves are scary especially if you are under pressure.which chel lb will handle ADAMA the beast?? this number 3,4&5 is very unpredictable because lei can beat mufc.i wish you chel good luck i prefer mufc& cfc in top 4

  12. Swrnadip Dey says

    what is the music at background at the beginning

  13. maberi sulaiman says

    Very happy for Liverpool wining the EPL trophy, it has been long

  14. DayedXD Gaming says

    Hopefully chelsea lose against wolves?

  15. Michael Grace says

    Still a lot to play for

  16. Daniel Pinate - Caballero says

    I went into a game against the team in second on the last game of the season and we were 2 points ahead. Ended up losing 2-1 and it sucked so bad.

  17. Abdi Adan says

    Micheal is right

  18. George Keylot1 says

    Who ever blame lampard this season must be an ungrateful bitch … because ole spent 210 mil on 4 players and he is still battling top 4 with lampard that didn’t sign any player and still lost hazard .

  19. Hashim Yunus says

    Chelsea need to buy new goal keeper

  20. Alfu miah says

    They are still at Wembley?

  21. Savio Kizito says

    Lampard should know hw to win a decisive match! He needs more experience

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