1. Meteora says

    Why does this guy never include song title lol . this song is dope though

  2. Deathcore IsTheBest says

    zed or yasuo pls but can i use some of this songs on videos

  3. Gum says

    What's the name of this song?

  4. Djteno tanoouse says

    Op. Song !!!

  5. BILL CIPHER says

    Music for playing as me ?

  6. Kieran Bevan says

    Thumbs up if Sewn Chaos is your favorite skin :3

  7. Yuugo says

    my lord this is so loud

  8. Gyokuro says

    yea TPA skin is ugly

  9. Karlo Bersamina says

    Name of song!!!!!!!? 🙁

  10. Dave1230 says

    it would be cooler when sometimes the voice of orianna says something like "we will kill your enemies, that would be fun" but this song is AMAZING

  11. Mazix says

    I agree with Andrew, but opinions are opinions.

  12. Lauwa says

    good song :oo

  13. Olle says

    Sewn chaos is better! 😉

  14. Late Night Gaming says

    You need to make a Vektor, Nocturne or Fiddlesticks song!

  15. u a says

    Annie, please ;]

  16. Warfake says

    me too

  17. Sergio says

    love this one, fits orianna so well

  18. PatricRuss says


  19. mehmet atlı says

    like tetris song

  20. Nikki Yang says

    This is awesome song u have

  21. DekalSierra says

    Hell yeah *-* 😀

  22. Bayrem Dridi says

    dat fiora Last skin <3

  23. philip folkesson says


  24. DekalSierra says

    Fiora ^^

  25. rivanianx says

    In her Bladecraft she looks like she's about to perform some jutsu.

  26. Fexghadi says

    The ball is happy.

  27. Jimmy Li says

    Malzahar 😀

  28. FlumsClums says

    This is so fucking grrrrrrreat!

  29. Cygnus Cross says

    Nice – thumbs up

  30. Christoph Jenny says

    20:2:20 ThanX!!! 😀

  31. MotherOfMineCraft says

    Im addicted

  32. MrPassi says

    Karthus 😀

  33. Dat Karmalove says

    I want to know what you'll post for playing as … Karma.

  34. AndrewChalk88 says

    Gotta love the Bladecraft skin.

  35. Doublejay says

    @MrMindshift MitiS – Modify

  36. MrMindshift says

    whats the name of this song, its pretty beast.

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