London Fire: Met Police confirms 12 people have died – BBC News


Met Police confirms 12 people have died ‘and will rise further’
A total of 68 people taken to six hospitals, 18 in critical care
Fire reported at Grenfell Tower in Latimer Road at 00:54 BST
Forty fire engines, and around 200 firefighters tackle blaze; cause unknown
Met Police emergency casualty bureau number – 0800 0961 233
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  1. Chandrashree rajendra kumar says

    very sorry

  2. Jon Snow says

    This is a conspiracy building that big ! And high they only saying 12 people have died so far now they are saying 30 I live in a 3 story block with only 9 flats but their are atleast 40 people in our block they are playing it down

  3. ThatDutchguy says

    Teresa May refused to meet the victims and their families,…why ?

  4. paul stanley says

    Mays hiding!!!!!!!

  5. Alan Andrei says

    BBC is rubbish. Dont watch it.

  6. illSlapYaMamYaTwat says

    Osama Bin Laden did this

  7. UKIP Scum says

    people from Birmingham are coming over to help so I want to know why they didn't they come over to help with the Manchester bombing

  8. Kawa Kurdi says

    Where was Tommy Robinson Britain First, the so called heroes when this happened?

  9. S Hussein says

    UK is not a first world country but a second world one. They refurbished that building for 10 millions pounds just last year. No integrated fire alarms, no sprinklers. Just typical shoddy english work standard and pocketing the money. But nothing will happen. At least in China they are sent to death penalty here they give them titles like 'baroness and lord'.

  10. Sophia Chuang says

    god bless London

  11. william zabiski says

    nobody wants to be a statistic

  12. Muddy Witch says

    This was a disaster waiting to happen. I suspect that business/goverment corruption is at the bottom of this fire. This did not have to happen if fire safety had been taken seriously by those whose responsibility it was to regulate tower block safety.

  13. Lee W says

    Give it a week and Prince Charles will probably turn up shake a few hands and mumble something about how dreadful it was and all the emergency workers will have to humbly nod and smile and thank him…

  14. axaura says

    i live near the site of the fire and everyone for the past day have been helping out my heart goes out to everyone

  15. Dermot O'Logical says

    12 what a nice sanitised number that is. 12? How do they even know? I would thingkat least 52, but that would be a bit off-putting at breakfast time. 12 is just about right for 23 floors of a residential building. 12 my arse!

  16. W O L F says

    Rip to the victims

  17. ImperialLion says

    This is what happens when you provide public housing by the government. Disaster. End public housing!

  18. Simeon Carter says

    Hey everybody relax. The random guy has people in his thoughts. It's all better now.

  19. Vikky Scott says

    Badly built building still standing even after burning for more than 24 hours…? Twin towers was only on fire for 7 hours..???My heart goes out to all the victims & there families

  20. Edward Marshall says

    Sweet among tail group usually process

  21. Bee Bee says

    it might of been some crazy white guy

  22. waterflaws nom deguerre says

    Odd, that the whole building didn't collapse into its own footprint?

  23. Joshua Taylor says

    How the heck does a building like that in a city as filthy rich as London not have a centralized fire alarm? Doesn't their queen have many spare rooms in her many palaces, maybe she could put them up.

  24. 한국 음부는 맛있습니다! says

    religon of peace

  25. Sergio Albuquerque says

    praying for them

  26. Sergio Albuquerque says

    praying for them

  27. M worr says

    Alt Reich / White reprisal for the London bridge tragedy, no doubt. Examine the ethnic group effected. The media shows us the people who predominately inhabited in the Public housing building and that they were preparing for Ramadan.

  28. Joe Gladwin says


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