London tourism – England – United Kingdom Great Britain travel video: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace


Europe Video Production travel video: discover the tourism of London the capital of England / United Kingdom. London, leading European travel destination with Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminister, Trafalgar Square, Thames River, etc. Useful link:

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  1. Base Field says

    I love england. Greetings from germany. ^-^

  2. Maimoona Maimu says

    I love London my dream ??

  3. Sambudha says

    I am from India ….but I love UK

  4. Sambudha says

    My dream will go to London …but I don't know when I will gone

  5. Huriya Life says

    Very nice ???

  6. Mulalo Madida says

    Absolutely beautiful ❤

  7. Ekonomi dan Politik Melayu Patani says

    Thailand is namber 1 hahahaha

  8. Raquel Ponge says

    eu foi Lá Em Londres United Kingdom

  9. Little_king_Mr Bheemraj_9696091595(كالكي) says

    Interested city . ❤

  10. Antonia reyes galisteo says

    Es aquello maravilloso

  11. Antonia reyes galisteo says

    Que bonito

  12. Niar` says

    My dream city

  13. Vidhant Bansal says

    Historical Reality of Britain – Watch this – Book – 1) "Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India 1st Editionby Shashi Tharoor"2) "An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India Hardcover – October 27, 2016by Shashi Tharoor"

  14. Amirul Asraf [AA] says

    What a beautiful city. I love London. Its like the best place must to go. Greeting from Malaysia ??

  15. Sam Enn says

    Britain stole $45 trillion from India over 200 years of rule

  16. Freya Banks says

    Love the look of London can’t wait to visit From Australia

  17. Hindo Budh Kush says

    Lots to do outside Lundonpur too.Manshastargarh: aguerro ??Rochdeylsar: ?grow house.Brardfud:. brigga ? grooming.Birmingabad: up the Soho road.

  18. hatem seboui says

    Can i take a part of this video in my chanel and tag your Chanel

  19. Cristina Alegria espinosa says


  20. Zumbawelche says

    Salut la classe 6D

  21. Mallory Miller says


  22. Виктория Сикрет says

    Thanks, interesting video ??London look cute Spain look beautiful too

  23. MrSebbarrachid says


  24. Balamurugan .R says

    Awesome video

  25. aleksandra arefeva says

    I am from Ukraine and у нас полная жопа и кердык

  26. Srinivas Radhe says


  27. Bogdan Shevchenko says

    Ошмзршгрш в цьому випадку можна говорити про те щоб у разі якщо він не бути і районах області в цьому напрямку в цьому випадку можна говорити про те що в тому числі в цьому напрямку в інших містах і селищах України про охорону здоров'я медичну довідку з місця події в Україні в інших країнах в тому що вони є насправді не існує єдиного податку

  28. DAN-BRO 007 says

    А если коронавирус по видео передаётся¿¿¿ Я уже боюсь смотреть про Лондон, там как чума в 20 веке

  29. Wyl Hape says

    Кого тоже заставили смотреть на карантине??

  30. Manjari Kansal says


  31. Aldi Pramono says

    Hi, everyone! anybody know the music/song? I like the tis songI love London, I love UK!

  32. Aldi Pramono says

    Bismillah, Semoga saya bisa kesana suatu saat nanti. Aamiin

  33. الا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب says

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  34. Sandra Hernandez says

    mi marido va hacer de alla jejejeje

  35. Travel Planner says

    Here are some of the most interesting facts about the UK ✅✅*1. Tea is by far the most popular drink among Brits. It is estimated that they drink on average 165 million cups of tea every day. The fun thing here is that in the US the tea’s consume is 20 times lower.**2. As one of the biggest urban and over-populated area in the world, the British capital is a “melting pot” of nations, cultures and therefore interesting facts. The city is home to more than 8 million citizens who do communicate using different languages. It is estimated that there are more than 300 different languages spoken in London.**3. Did you know that the first postage stamp was created in UK. It was designed in May 1840 and it featured the figure of Queen Victoria.**4. Probably because of their popularity as old monuments, people think of the Pyramids in Egypt as the oldest objects in the world. However, in the UK there’s the monument of Stonehenge, claimed to be one of the oldest monuments in the world and one of the seven world’s miracles by the way. Scientists believe that the object was built over 3,000 B.C.**5. Topping at 1,107 feet or 350 meters, the London’s Shard building was completed in 2012 making it the tallest object in the continent of Europe.**6. The famous game of Golf was invented in Scotland and today is considered as a national sport. Reliable sources claim that the game was first invented in 1457. The game got so popular among Scottish that James II banned it because it interrupted the army’s practice.**7. As for the cuisine, the typical food of UK is the roast beef and Yorkshire beef, but the Brits have voted the Chicken Takka as their national dish. The Chicken Takka is actually an Indian recipe.**8. The UK is linked with the European continental land through the Channel Tunnel. At a distance of 21 miles, this road is the second-longest underground tunnel. It connects the city of Dover (England) and Calais (France).**9. Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne in 1953 and in 2015 her excellence became the longest-reigning Queen in the world.**10. The Windsor Castle is where the British royal family still resides. The object is the oldest royal residence.*

  36. •Łâđÿ Màgiç• says

    Оаоа, хочу в Лондон❤

  37. Jayne Wombwell says


  38. Angel G says

    I love London so much I’m going to live there when I grow up and my teacher used to live there and she got me things from London because she knows how much I love London

  39. Ram Bhattacharjee says

    The Favourite place

  40. Arya AK1998 says

    I love England : from India

  41. Golden Days with Me says

    friend … amazing video …like from new friend

  42. Faheem Shahid says

  43. clark kent says

    and youtube..

  44. clark kent says

    Useful link google…

  45. clark kent says


  46. clark kent says

    The day you wanna go not now

  47. Domnic Origa says

    Absolutely fabulous

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  50. maria grazia anna baldanza says

    I love LondonI will love London forever !!

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