1. daneywise says

    Can i have that face i have a number of enemies i want to rib off.

  2. Forrest Van Alstine says

    What if he looks in a mirror tho

  3. 1000 subs with no videos Challenge says

    Plot twist: his face is a cursed mirror

  4. Dazai shineee says

    Who's here after finishing 13 Reasons Why and just missing Justin aka. Brandon Flynn so searching for his movies

  5. Angie R. says


  6. Rania Elzalabany says

    I watched the movie and it was awesome. It's definitely worth it to watch.

  7. Gonçalo Cardoso says

    this move is too sad 🙁

  8. The_ MCRuler says

    I just wanted motley crue.

  9. Adrian Ceasar says

    is simple Orange face

  10. Anri says

    So only his nose is attractive?

  11. Enna Newbiee says

    what song is this?

  12. trav lauv says

    imagine being so hot you kill people

  13. Marvy Dagamac says

    Haha why put a bandage where you can simply wear a mask lol

  14. Sverre Aarnes says

    This movie was bad

  15. Ash wteva says

    what a nice way to die

  16. Niel Fourie says

    Cant believe they made a movie about my life…* sighs handsomely *

  17. Kelven Best Trailer says


  18. Devansh Sharma says

    Never see this film such a bad storyline ??????????????

  19. Artist Talent says

    Who else is pissed that Alex died! I was not expecting such unsatisfied ending

  20. tɦɛ ɨʀօռɨċ ʍɨsaռtɦʀօքɛ» says

    If he existed in our world, he'd have been able live a normal life by just wearing a face mask like everyone else are now.

  21. Rahul Ramteke says

    Damn, is this a new SCP???

  22. Anderson Nunes says

    muito nice

  23. BEA ST says

    now thats a killer face

  24. Ritik Srivastav says

    Basilisk Found In Real Life.

  25. Citsissicran says

    0:20 then how come the mother survived?

  26. Toothy Patoothy says

    No wonder. Sam Smith broke up with him.

  27. gabi’s grotto says

    Ok but I wanna his face bruh and know what they talkin abt ? this movie is gonna be good ?✨

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