Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2020 Fashion Show


Louis Vuitton will present the Spring-Summer 2020 Collection by Nicolas Ghesquière at the Louvre in Paris on Tuesday, October 1st at 7:30pm (CEST).

Music: SOPHIE – “It’s Okay To Cry” (Extended LV SS20 Edit)
Courtesy of Transgressive / [PIAS]

Video: “It’s Okay To Cry” (Extended LV SS20 Edit) – Directed by SOPHIE, co Directed by Nicholas Harwood
Courtesy of Transgressive / [PIAS]

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  1. Terence Galland says

    One or two – no several miss worlds here fabulous show Louis

  2. veronica woods says

    all these fashion concepts seems to have reached it's peak but it's very pretty

  3. emo rat says

    Im here for the third time and just realized the models' lipstick matches with sophie

  4. Егор Колодкин says

    Looking forward to recovery

  5. Павел Коршунов says

    I like this song so much

  6. Sophia Francia says

    I spot ITZY hehe 3:00

  7. Cons davalos says

    Who’s here from Emma chamberlain

  8. Sirichai thongyim says

    Wow​ chic​ and​ nice.

  9. Brendan Duquette says

    Loving all these looks ? yes models! This remix is everything!

  10. World Knowledge says


  11. Learn french with Vatsala says

    Just love SOPHIE !!Yes- likeNo – comment

  12. AĞIT KARATAŞ says


  13. Siska April says

    Can anyone tell me witch is sophie? idk cuz this just pop up in my rekomendation

  14. Honey Moon says

    I wonder what she's up to lately

  15. bagstudios says

    sophie is stealing the whole show !! 😀

  16. Jing Kang says

    Still the best fashion show ever!

  17. Sara Friz says

    I literally got goosebumps! Not joking!

  18. Kirashi says


  19. Hizkia Siappudan says

    honestly im interested more with the screen lol

  20. omettre kim says

    난 이때 진짜 장난아니었는데 난 이때 너무 좋았어 쇼도 옷도 너무,,

  21. bo satsu says

    She is god.

  22. methstar heritage says

    Love ❤❤

  23. Jennie's Wink says

    Am i the only one who distracted in the screen?

  24. Dory 2018eu says

    The world becomes healthy because of this decisiones like revealing SOPHIE

  25. Pedro Nuevo says

    This collection resonates now… how the world needs love, healing, and positivity. ? thank you, Nicholas ??


    4:52 that one ???

  27. Genesis John Cerzo says

    Imagine faceshopping suddenly plays

  28. Raheek Alshebany says

    Baby it's okay to cry, when you know you can't afford the peitie mallie yet. Sophie my oh my, you are the beautiful piece that this show would've been incomplete without!

  29. march winter says

    Nobody said anything about my mom wearing these clothes in the 1970s

  30. Alfonso Arteaga says

    Who’s Sophie? Facebook has this one ad playing on my timeline with a guy wearing a hat and some really long dangling draw strings, I want to see more of that.

  31. Kimberly Rei Jewelry says

    If you watch at .75 speed you can actually appreciate the garments. I don't know why the models are made to sprint down the runway…

  32. 주현 says

    뒤에 무슨 나천재냐

  33. Юлия Флорес-Фролова says

    the backyard was more interesting and distractive than the whole showLol

  34. ki merA says

    저 뒤 영상 이랑 쇼랑 안어울려 거지같아

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