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Following his critically acclaimed, Oscar-nominated film Monga, Taiwanese director Doze Niu reunites with his two Monga leads Ethan Ruan and Mark Jau for this lovable urban romance. Set in Taipei and Beijing, LOVE follows
eight lonely people searching for love, all that happened and every sacrifice that was made in the journey to find the right one! Also starring screen siren Shu Qi (If You Are The One 1 & 2, The Transporter) and Vicki Zhao (14 Blades, Red Cliff).

SYDNEY: EVENT George St, EVENT Macquarie, Burwood, Hurstville.
MELBOURNE: Cinema Nova Carlton.
BRISBANE: Brisbane Myer Centre, Garden City Mt Gravatt.

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  1. trangt says

    Oh my bad its "1channel love taiwan". Choose the first link.

  2. trangt says

    go search in google "1channel love"

  3. Deasy meirendah says

    I want this movie with Eng Sub pleaseee

  4. Summer says

    someone please send me the link to this movie with eng subs.
    Thank you

  5. lakemiami mine says

    i really like to watch this movie, please upload the full movie of this.
    thank you.

  6. sonicaema says


  7. sonicaema says

    >.< where could i watch this movie? i heave been looking for it fr a long time 🙁

  8. Kubera says

    Just watched this movie and i freakin loved it!
    So so so sweet and well done with the music in the background and the scene. very well put!
    and you will freakin love every character! wanna watch this movie message me, i got link.

  9. VanessaShowShow says

    can someone PLEASE tell me some websites where I can watch chinese movies for free!?

  10. Sweet Panaligan says

    pls tell me where i can download this movie???

  11. Gemini li says


  12. winner yeahmate says

    Shu Qi's still got it!

  13. Martha .Wang says

    Shu qi and zhao wen reunion, its great but it'd be greater bcos they have ethan ruan here.

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