1. Natasha Durham says


  2. DeathThe Real says

    I feel bad for John some one said sausage hands?

  3. Dirty_Tyreeson says

    I like how when he try to catch he don’t press e or click before the ball comes to him that’s why when they throw a dot or a dime the ball gets block or goes passed him cuz he thinks he press at the right time but he is really pressing late and ion if my grammar made since

  4. local21 says

    do u have a discord server

  5. yyzen ' says


  6. Jonathan YT says

    Can u do a vid when u try to get better at wr

  7. nola tili says

    I watch all your vids

  8. Hey Its Me says

    When you were cb and got mossed those to times it looks like you didn’t click. Also some advice: I am on mobile and I lag a good bit and have high ping, so what I do is make my self jump before I think I would, this helps me jump on time and be a goat. 😉 keep up the good work

  9. king dead says

    U click to late

  10. Tony Vang says

    Juciy, You should play Football universe with Monte

  11. Chang Hong Yi says

    Good, you didnt name the video" greatest kick return ever"Because that would be bsalso its not that luckyjust because it fumbles and you pick it up and score doesnt mean its "lucky"it would be lucky if the defense picks t up and they fumble it and then you score

  12. victoria helburn says


  13. XN] Mr_RBX_YT says

    who else is gonna tell him?fine i guess i will….if u preclicked at 3:50 u could of cought that……so imma teach u the 1 thing u lack at wr…..preclick……i've noticed u miss alot of passes by clicking late…..what u need to do is click eairly instead u click late….all u need is timing in ur click and ur wr skills will go up by 40% ok…now remember…preclick ok….most likely click before u jump so before u think about pressing the space bar u should have already clicked…there now u can wr better

  14. PROLIFE says

    Your the flight of football fusion

  15. Raw sausage is tasty. says

    Where is the collab with juicy juice?

  16. Kobe Bryant says


  17. Not_ Wislie says

    Man I don't know what's happening with my life cuz I'm missing out on some godly vid Lace Up

  18. Jerrika Mcmillon says

    Juicy John how much yard you have

  19. austin Bradley says

    Does Juicy John pin?

  20. Z H says

    Do a vid where when the other team scores the video ends

  21. BenBen says

    Can u add me my user is benbenjamin103 I asked ninja but he said u only add ppl u know

  22. Jaden Foster says

    umm can u add me my name is themancanslan

  23. LitLightX says


  24. noah guzman says

    Hey juicy John I can help you with jukes if you want

  25. Hyphixed says

    When someone misses an easy catchJuicy: Bro catch that what ya doinWhen Juicy misses an easy catchJuicy: Bro my KFC WiFi, I should of had thatDon’t worry juicy, we all make excuses to try and explain why we missed a dime or a dot

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