1. Edward Menchaca says

    Title: Mad cuz bad description: BiG mAd Description tells it all. I'm big mad when I lose

  2. iiShxdowVxbes YT says

    Yesterday I dimed all of my wrs but they all dropped it 🙁

  3. Fire_Football says

    New thing for juicy to Juicy jam XD

  4. vvJadon says


  5. Cayden Davison says

    It’s been a long ride juicy I was your 20th sub and now you almost at 20k good work man b

  6. Martin Kilbane says

    Can you add me please my account is texascass12

  7. Aidan Jarvis says

    Could u play dimer?

  8. Jocelyn Catalan says


  9. Orange juice Geo says

    I was geovany11132 I was best we and dB and was thumbnail

  10. tipgamer23 peach says

    No disrespect or anything but why do u sound like that when u talk

  11. TheBotNamedBob says

    my main got banned rip my global ;-; and my gamepasses… And my robux- it was a false ban on Roblox too

  12. Tsunami persons says


  13. WOLF omania says

    Bruh this vids make my day to watch him absolutely destroy teams

  14. Brian Gallagher says


  15. ¿iiToxicBroccoli101ii ¿ says

    You should add dread he has my spot for global after I reset I think it was 5th and he is pretty good He was just in your server

  16. Waffle Man says

    Dehydrated bob

  17. Justin Dufner says

    Hey can i qb 1v1 you juicy? I can dime for fun ;)user: dufnerdope

  18. T_Rex8126 Ellison says

    Juicy thinks he’s good cuz he qb’s but can barely kick a field goal or qb

  19. Crystal says

    Juicy John mad cuz bad!

  20. opstate Football Fusion says

    Juicy goated LACE UPP

  21. James Ackroyd says

    When juicy has him pancaking someone as the clip u no this is a boring video

  22. Nokatez says

    Mad cause bad

  23. Amir Huemmer says

    This comment deserves a heart

  24. Epic Sponge Boi says

    I hate when people use the glitch and especially if they're winning so that means they're just greedy

  25. Mykal Parent says

    Ive been here sense 1k subs

  26. XIPOLES says

    juicy i caught ur bomb when the game was about to end

  27. Caseynoahtris Fortnite yt says

    And can you add me it’s : highlowbot

  28. Caseynoahtris Fortnite yt says

    Juicy your also my fav YouTuber

  29. Caseynoahtris Fortnite yt says

    Juicy John can’t mix

  30. Zachariah Malloy says

    Juicy how u zoom out like that

  31. Joslyn Morales says

    Game needs fix pops,jams,reach,op blocks, finally lag balls cuz game always sells me

  32. LZynxV says

    hi john ur my fav yt and i need help with getting popular on yt bc u inspire me

  33. iPathetic Cookie_x says

    It's a coincidence, because my Jersey says "Mad Cuz' bad".

  34. BasicallyBad says

    I’m sad cuz bad ;(

  35. Colter The Gamer says

    play ninja legends plz juicy

  36. Sal RBX says

    what does PR mean

  37. T_Rex8126 Ellison says

    Juicy trash

  38. Dxr .y says

    juicy is so CLOSE to 20k!

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