1. Marie Bellucci says

    Michael looks like a very oung and thin Aidan Quinn

  2. Marie Bellucci says

    Those are some awesome genes put to work there. Mighty job, Liam and beautiful Natasha <3

  3. Marie Bellucci says

    So, this is like "Under the Tuscan sun", but with fellas, huh? 😛

  4. Rick Carr says

    Taken 4: House Renovation

  5. Edward Diaz says

    I'm Looking Forward to see this Movie.

  6. manuel alexander says

    this movie makes me feel nostalgic for something I haven't even lived

  7. JePapa AanDeRanja says

    Liam Neeson has to be one of the best actors ever

  8. KiniM says

    Nice filming location: Pienza in Tuscany, Italy

  9. Goddard Bolt says

    I have a Pistol that was Made in Italy

  10. Ola Delano says

    Beautiful script it seems with great acting ….wonder..

  11. rafael costa says


  12. kenny omega says


  13. David Ogando says

    I thought Liam only made films where his wife or daughter are kidnapped by terrorists and he has to get them back.

  14. Barreto Moura says

    perfect futured

  15. filippo mario Soricelli says

    Liam zen peace n love ????

  16. Nicole Kirkpatrick says

    Looks like Liam Neeson will be stepping out of his action hero roles

  17. Martin Zanichelli says

    THE TRAILER IS ALREADY BORING. Imagine the movie when they release it…… I wanna see Liam Neeson in ACTION movies.

  18. Joseph kuria says


  19. Paul Wallington says

    Less people are going to watch this film than Liam killed in the 3 Taken films. Tuscan House would be sold in days if not hours ?

  20. Benjamyn D'Arc says

    This looks incredible.

  21. marissathexplorer Marissa The Xplorer says

    What a different genre for Liam Neeson but I’m loving it! When’s the release date?

  22. Joseph Hanley says

    "I don't have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills" ?

  23. Jens B says

    A movie about Oskar Schindler going to Italy with his estranged son to sell a house with a dark secret. 😉

  24. love subtitles says

    If Liam is not kicking buts its a waste of time.

  25. esitubo says

    The day when anglos will not use mandolins in Italian scenes and accordions in French ones will be a great day.

  26. Parker Meeks says

    Liam neeson needs to do audio books

  27. TheSec09 says

    A movie set in Tuscany and the main lead actor is Liam Neeson? I'm in. "I can't remember and I can't forget" – so deep.

  28. Bálint Szollár says

    Looks great! I hope this finally marks the end of the action era for Liam. An incredible dramatic actor wasted on mindless flicks for far too long.

  29. Anonymous User says


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