Make RAW Images VIBRANT in SNAPSEED and LIGHTROOM MOBILE (free apps) | Android | iPhone


In this Video, I edit a RAW DNG image in Snapseed app to get as many details as possible using Develop menu and other tools including Selective filters and Curves. Color tuning to get orangish tones were done using HSL sliders in the Lightroom free app.

Check out this video on how the Curves tool works:

Check out all about masking in Snapseed here:

**Captions available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Indonesian and Vietnamese**

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Image link to download RAW file:

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Music used in the video:
Stranger Danger for Intro and Mist for the tutorial, both available on YouTube audio library for free.

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  1. Promilk says

    Please change your background music which is like a war documentary background. However we are just colouring photos.

  2. Nahian Oneplus says

    you should work for portrait edit then u will get more views as like other youtubers

  3. Ajit Kulkarni says

    How to click raw images on Samsung exynos version??

  4. Alan S Abraham says

    It's soo satisfying to watch your videos . Great job? keep on going ❤️

  5. boss company says

    I hve no develop option in snapseed

  6. Abiel Ar says

    I need that talent too?❣️

  7. Mayavanshi Milan says

    How to edit dark skin without loosing the natural tone? Can you please give some tips on it?

  8. LNB Mobile Editing says

    You're that only one legend who helped me a lot for improving my work. Thanks a lot ?

  9. Harshith Kakkoth says

    You are a editing God ???

  10. Jaisal Das says

    Is Lightroom free reply?

  11. Avni Bhatt says

    This is awesome!

  12. Nicolas Cortes says

    I really liked this edit 🙂

  13. putut wijayanto says

    i love photograp but not editing, after see your videos i'm gonna love to editing, very clear and simply tutorials, good jobs and nice editing 🙂

  14. Vinay Singh says

    Love ur work sir…

  15. Alejandro Raúl Hermosilla Raboso says

    Great !!! More videos with raw files and Snapseed and lightroom, please 🙂

  16. Ambilipc Raveendran says


  17. Mohit Singh says

    That's awesome

  18. WHO IS SERAFIN says

    Wish I could get Snapseed to work with raw on my G9.

  19. Vinod Samriya says

    Your editing always amazing

  20. Android Editz says

    Bohot cool

  21. Manish bhurugupelli says

    Amzing sir ?‍♂️

  22. Saif Ali says

    You are the only reason to divert my mind in editing stuff again. May God bless you

  23. Drohnen.Grafie Insta says

    When i edit RAW files in Snapseed there are Red Pixels in the Green areas of the Photos. If i then turn the Schadows more bright it looks like the Trees have cherrys on it. Thats the reason i switched to lightroom.

  24. bhushan acharya says

    Outstanding editing ?????

  25. Sovan Roy says

    Just awesome ??

  26. Abutalha Hasan says

    Your skill set is too good, btw can you please make more videos on double exposure editing

  27. Varun Teja says

    Bro which Mobile are using iPhone 11

  28. doiphonetography says

    Youre such an inspiration. I keep on editing my photos but yours’ is superb. Hope you could visit and check mine too.

  29. PixlsbyM says

    Even I post similar content do check out ?, amazing video ??

  30. Dave Hartman says

    I don't know about anyone else but I am able to open Nikon (.nef) RAW files in Snapseed.

  31. Big Ed says

    Great job. Nav knows his Edits.

  32. Subash Renzo says

    Haha?? that was awesome ?

  33. ishaan lakhani says

    Does editing the picture , makes the reality not real ?

  34. Lịch ßin Hoo says

    I'm from vietnam, I love you. You edited it beautifully like ???

  35. Stuart Silverman says

    Well done, Dean. Have a super week!

  36. Pritimaya Susovan says

    Where do you edit your videos bro

  37. Jai Yadav says

    What is that blue colour when you increase or decrease the whites in Lightroom app

  38. Sabbir Ahammed says

    Love your editing ?

  39. Jai Yadav says

    What is that blue colour when you increase or decrease the whites in Lightroom app

  40. Jai Yadav says

    Can you make a video that how to change colours of leaves of a tree please

  41. Triggered Pelu says

    i liked the new logo ❤️❤️?

  42. Triggered Pelu says

    sir is there any site where i can get raw images? just to practice editing???

  43. Triggered Pelu says


  44. Triggered Pelu says


  45. Triggered Pelu says

    i like your voice ❤️??

  46. KPP Freestyle says


  47. Now Wasim says

    Old logo is attractive ?

  48. Giampierino Pesca says

    Great video, hi, i'm a snapseed graphic designer and as you can see from my channel also about fishing …

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