Man United 1-3 Chelsea Mark Goldbridge BEST BITS


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  1. Ultimate Yaska says

    Robbie is clear of this nonce

  2. Protege God says

    Mark should be a commentator he would be better than Martin Tyler

  3. Roy Hodgson says

    why did he have zaha on the left in the back anyone know?

  4. James Cusack says

    “I’d rather have a center back like Harry Maguire”are you sure about that?

  5. boris Odor says

    Man United last few games they won, haven't beaten anyone… they won against the bottom teams… and wonder why they get blown out against top teamsMan U fans, Arsenal Fans are fucking delusional

  6. HYPZ venomz says

    Mason mount mount?

  7. idawanna dance says

    tune from me and mrs jones,….[. dea gay boy n golddick ] me and mr dea gea….we gotta thing goin on….and we know hes not strong ….but he,s such a dong …givin goals awayyyyyy now

  8. jgocar24 says

    Hate United but Goldbridge is alright…. most of the time.

  9. Curt Composure says

    – Goldbridge 'Sour cream is the Luke Shaw of the Pringle world' (19th July 2020)You're welcome ?

  10. Paul Curran says

    Why is this so funny watching this guy be in pain

  11. AssertedGamer22 says

    Does anyone know how he makes the background graphic?

  12. Roy Simanjuntak says

    You guys are talking about Sancho hugh? Loot at our defense, all mediocre qualities. Macguire? Not the safest tower? Lindelof? Prone to error? Can Sancho correct our defense. First thing first, close the mole in our defense. If not, a trophy is just a wish for us. So sad to watch the goals against Chelsea. Stop talking about Sancho!!! We need immediate cure for next season. One solid defense player and one world class striker. Gosh, talking about Sancho as if he can save Manutd especially with Dortmund's ridiculous price demand.

  13. nick atkins says

    Gotta love Marks untamed, freakishly prolific Autistic outbreaks… Truly magnificent to watch (No trannies/gays/snowflakes allowed)


    Funny how united fans whine about VAR decisions

  15. Connor Kilmartin says

    Imagine paying 80m for Maguire ? United made some good signings Maguire, Wan Bissaka and James all worth the money spent ??

  16. ASM Beast says

    ‘Bye arsenal’ – mark goldbridge 2020

  17. Hoopspur says

    You can spray a bit of poo- pourri on it ….you can put a bit of aftershave on it….you can put a dress on it…..its still a turd.

  18. Adrian Gorman says


  19. DangerMouse0012 says

    As an arsenal fan, i personally like this United formation??

  20. Soul Mania says

    Sorry for your pain and suffering, I watched the game and United player's and manager have given up that is not the United that brought tears to when we played you but champions league is in your grasp unlike my Arsenal fc we may not even make Europe but I must say I am happy and we don't need new players or manager

  21. Tommy Parker says

    People are only annoyed and de gea for the first goal because he nearly saved it, but if he wasn't close to saving it they wouldn't say anything

  22. SScotty Cosmic says

    giroud is actually a very good player when you play to his strengths, like in this game we abused the wings and squared it constantly and got good chances from it

  23. Will Stubbs says

    Is there a ref Mark doesn’t hate? ?

  24. The Arsenal Misfit says

    I remember when Pepe made Luke Shaw look like a school boy, he's not that good.

  25. Derek Munayi says

    If it was baileys on goal he would be out ranting ….??????? CB like Maguire ????????????

  26. Ether Nas says

    Man U don’t deserve top 4

  27. Craig Warren says

    Love how he demands the penalty and moans when they dont get it.Yeah Mark United dont get their fair share of penalties do they….

  28. Sith Master says

    Well, there goes the FA Cup

  29. Faisal Chaudhary says

    Hahahaha! This is more entertaining than AFTV! Nice one Goldbridge ??

  30. AmazingShr3y says

    I didn't mind losing in the beginning as I knew we had an unfair disadvantage in having 3 days less to prepare so I saw a loss coming but what annoyed me was DDG and Maguire playing worse than a Sunday League GK and CB. If they had a decent performance and we still lost, I wouldn't have minded

  31. Hdhsheb Hehehevvd shzuebshube says

    United fan complaining about about var ??Mate you’ve had so many decisions your way

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