Man United and Chelsea need signings if they are to compete next season – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC


ESPN FC’s Alexis Nunes and Stevie Nicol discuss the results from the final day of the Premier League season, which saw Manchester United and Chelsea secure Champions League football. The guys discuss how Manchester United and Chelsea can improve if they are to challenge in the Premier League and Champions League next season. They then turn their attention to Leicester and Tottenham who qualified for the Europa League. Stevie Nicol blasts Jose Mourinho for celebrating finishing sixth and believes Brendan Rodgers will be very disappointed with how Leicester’s season fizzled out after the restart.
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  1. citehman says

    for United, do you keep Martial up top and hit on the counter with Bruno creating for Rashford & Greenwood running in behind high lines… or bring in a proper #9.Raul Jimenez would bang in a lot of goals and be more consistent but would Martial pout and fade away. They need a Van Persie, Cole or van Nistelrooy to compete with Liverpool or City so would United be smarter to add depth and be happy with third best for a couple of years?

  2. Amaury Agraz says

    Manchester United need to sign Raul Jimenez

  3. Colin Reese says

    Queen Alexis

  4. Fred says

    WOW! The amount of football knowledge it takes to see that, incredible

  5. Sean Cread says

    Wow it seems as if Stevie switched places with Craig ??

  6. Abenezer Tegegne says

    What is this nonsense about these pundits being surprised Lampard got Chelsea in to top 4. So what if Hazard left, Chelsea literally have an amazing squad and possibly the best midfield in the league with Kovacic, Kante and Jorginho.

  7. Javier Medina Conde says

    Both need to sign 1 or 2 midfielders and buy some defense cause that's there weakness

  8. TouchOneSw8 says

    Well done spurs, well done Jose the special one.. Respect to Chelsea Blue Is The Colour

  9. Roll out Reality says

    Didn’t Mourinho finish 2nd what is she saying

  10. Naughtybeadle says

    VARchester United winning because of penalties

  11. hi says

    Why do people forget that just three years ago (if I’m not wrong) Liverpool fans were celebrating getting into top four? I’m not saying Utd are anywhere close to Liverpool but I just find it so ironic that fans are getting called “weak minded” for clinching CL.

  12. car says

    Pure comedy when lingard scored the final goal of the season

  13. y1521t21b5 says

    So do we. We've been extremely lucky with injuries for over 2 seasons… YN?WA

  14. La Chix says

    How do people like Steve Nicol who clearly knows nothing about football still working? There must be something wrong at ESPN…

  15. blacsheep19 says

    Title states the obvious… And these pundits get paid, ridiculous

  16. Daniel Didier. says

    I agree with steve…if chelsea is to compete with the big boys next season they ve got to work to on thier defence…and adress the goal keeping position as well..

  17. thokozani ngcobo says

    Gunner fan here… wont say a word about Lingard while i have Willock… But really gonna miss you guys being 7th/8th/9th with us..

  18. Amarpreet Singh Lamba says

    Why is it always an ex-Liverpool player when discussing United, shameful

  19. Hassan Muhammad Hanif says

    Lady Mourinho finished at 2nd. ?

  20. Anthony Moses says

    Well Chelsea are already flexing their muscles with Ziyech, Werner and the Havertz rumours

  21. thailand smile says

    If arsenal win the fa cup spurs won't get Europa League

  22. Param Vyas says

    Lol this anchor thinks United will fail to progress past group stages. We aren’t a Leicester. We belong in UCL.

  23. Mooemoney says

    Jesse lingard is going to eat ? of that goal for the next year or so…..

  24. Anish J says

    Vj is bravo fan September 19 ipl starts

  25. Trishen Naidoo says

    Spurs need to buy players

  26. Carlos Mendes says

    Steve a team that doesn’t spend money they lucky to be 3rd place ?

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