Man united vs Chelsea 1-3 'De Gea is finished'? Solskjaer angry &Ashley Cole Match Analysis


Manchester United goalkeeper slammed for FA Cup loss to Chelsea
‘Thanks for the memories but your time is over’: Manchester United fans livid after David de Gea makes woeful error as he lets in Mason Mount’s effort in FA Cup semi-final against Chelsea
Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea made a woeful error v Chelsea
With Chelsea leading 1-0, de Gea allowed Mason Mount’s effort to get past him
Some United fans took to Twitter to express their frustration with de Gea#Man_united

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  1. Debra Hensley says ඔවුන් ඒ සඳහා පැක්ස්මන් දඩයම් කිරීමට උත්සාහ කළේ නැද්ද

  2. Kathleen Short says ඔයාගේ නම කුමක් දහෝර්සා පැවසීය සෑදල හිස නැවතත් ඔහු දෙසට හැරුණේය ඇස් සෙමෙන් බැබළුණා

  3. pzzcc says

    Giroud is speaking about tactics, even lampard doesn’t do that.

  4. Jules Ngama says

    Haaaaaaaaaa ole is doing good job than Mourinho stupid fan the don't know about football. MOURINHO first season 3 cup with the team not good enough. Ole zero cup with the team is so good. You can not compare jose with ole please. Is playing good football how many cup please.

  5. SMAIL FAMILY says

    Gak usah panik, emang zamannya MU sdh lewat, MU hanya menang di even2 yg gak berarti..bravo chelsea

  6. Mad Maxxx says

    Haha dw when chelsea get top4 above man u will see

  7. Max Ambient says

    It's obvious Utd need a keeper upgrade. Someone like Liverpool's. And Karius is available if they want him

  8. Mr Mel Gaza Free D King&friends says

    De Gea shouldn’t have been the keeper for that game anyway!!! Romero was the one who got us to the semi’s!!! Whenever a coach has done this same disrespectful crap!!! Their team has lost!!! Wrong Is No Man’s Right!!! United 4Ever!!! ?

  9. Raj Kumar says

    mu is time to change the gol keeper ????

  10. Richard Obiekwe says

    To be honest it is very easy to beat Man Utd knowing their players barely have work rate and the sluggish ??defence. All you need to do is press high up the pitch and the goal comes because the defenders, midfielders and keeper are all shaky. This ridiculous weakness has to be sorted out if not the bad run of games would begin again and the sack would be close. I think we need more training coaches that teach players to be more discipline, agile and make them realise that they are being paid to win competitions and not go on temporary winning runs only to die out on highly crucial games. I think this coaching staff are too lenient with the players that is why they play good football anytime they fell like. Don't be deluded man utd fans, this team still needs about 7 players and a team of coaches to be restored. A full set of forwards to support the front 3, an agile/aggressive/holding CDM with box to box abilities and a full set of agile/quick defenders.

  11. zest Fred says

    I guess De Gea's eye problem is back else why the school boy error between the sticks?

  12. Syazwan Farhan says

    They still have Dean Henderson

  13. Shankar Das says

    Listen ! We want Roy in the panel. I am sick of him not being here.

  14. iam NoOne says

    Leicester finessed Moneychester with Maguire!! lol!!

  15. Omar David Beahboye says

    The music

  16. DuderinoDeux says

    The less said about that the better. Some time to have A STINKER.

  17. dale like says

    De Gea Is karius

  18. Roman Santana says

    Why Chiquito Romero don't play??

  19. Sisekelo Duma says

    Ole got it wrong he has to accept responsibility here

  20. J. George says

    I fail to understand when pundits keep talking about Fenandes even when he did not play anything!! Was I watching from my own broadcaster????!!!!

  21. Super Mario Maker 2 Glitch Hunters says

    Should’ve got that fax machine fixed! ?

  22. B A says

    More like maguire is finished fkin awful

  23. Mr. Pk says

    Ole's not best. We need to 1st choise is CB and game planner

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