Man Utd, Chelsea or Leicester who will get into Champions League? Will Spurs, Wolves secure UEL spot


Manchester United, Chelsea and Leicester City are all separated by just 1 point with 2 premier league games remaining. Pundits discusses who will qualify for the next season’s UEFA champions league and who will get into UEFA Europa League.

Full Video Breakdown..
00:00 United vs Palace analysis
02:30 Zaha vs Lindelof, was it penalty?
04:19 Rashord and Bruno Fernandes improved others game at united
06:32 United’s front three
07:45 where united need to strength?
09:58 Do united really need Jadon Sancho?
11:30 Leicester vs Sheffield post match analysis
13:54 Who is going get champions league?
16:20 Who is going get Europa league?

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  1. Damilola Shobo says

    that idiot said Sancho only has pace.. what a dumbass

  2. Qereodoskskdnndmakekfkkejfjrh shhh says

    Bruno should be captain

  3. haligah atsu says

    I honestly think we need another winger ?

  4. Rover Team says

    Moyes will seek for revenge against United….trust me..

  5. LiveWireRed B. says

    Zaha is a diver. The way he steps over the ball is a foul in itself.

  6. leechin_25_g says

    Funny how everyone keeps saying Bruno assist the first goal and the PL didn't give him the assist?

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