Man Utd & Chelsea The Top 4 | Leicester City 0-2 Manchester United | Chelsea 2-0 Wolves


Leicester City vs Manchester United | Chelsea vs Wolves | The Top 4 Race Ends

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  1. Tyreece Glewis says

    David’s hate for mason mount is so annoying ??

  2. Robert Anderson says

    No players are traveling to another club because that club won the FA Cup. It could be a little bonus to try and get them, but the cup alone will not.

  3. Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says

    0:14 astounding

  4. United Fan Army says

    B man is jokes ?

  5. Hilboy K says

    Spending 200 mil in a year, Ole has been there for 2 years how can united fans even celebrate a top 4 finish, the mediocre club mentality is taking over at united. Chelsea had transfer ban, Hazard left, inexperienced manager and we made top 4, but next year I see chelsea getting close to Top spot and anything less is a disappointment.

  6. Terror Beast says

    45:50 I would like to have some of what david is on

  7. mango fish says

    Utd got top 4 couz Leicester bottled it thats all i saw coming

  8. Rosey rtbrtb says

    So so proud of Frank Lampard heavily underestimated at the start of the season but with a top 4 finish and a possible FA cup, and with werner, ziyech, pulisic, havertz incoming, kante back from injury and hopefully a good GK and LB, chelsea are destined for greatness?? congrats to man utd to for silencing the haters! WE ARE BOTH COMING FOR MANCITY N LIVERPOOL NEXT SEASON AND SEASONS TO COME

  9. wuu tng frv says

    Bman does too much. Everything is drama

  10. Shaju Khan says

    What held me back from being fully Ole Out was the fact that we lacked the creativity in our team to unlock tight defences and the fact that Ole has a good record against the top 6 before Bruno came in

  11. Map Zero Football says

    Frank Lampard "Championship Manager" Ole "PE Teacher"All the haters are so quiet today coz they've been silenced . Huge strides for both teams ??

  12. blessedbabylon74 says

    Bruno with that "MY LITTLE PONY " Penalty ? sent Schmichel crazy. Season results1st Lfc EplSodom & Gomorrah Fc (man city) 2nd & EFL Cup. UCL ?Utd 3rd & Europa League CupChelsea 4th & FA Cup.Spurs get into the Europa League.Arsenal Fkd ??

  13. Trini Red Devil says

    Look at our Norwegian pe finishing in 3rd

  14. Kob Ross-Aikins says

    Great results. Woodward needs to continue to back Ole like he has been doing.

    There seems to be a lot of talk of ‘back Ole for once’ or ‘Ed should back Ole but we all know Ed is a clown’. Come on people, let’s call a spade a spade, Ed has backed Ole.
    Most expensive defender in the world Ed got him for Ole. Not cause Maguire has any real commercial value, but cause that is who Ole wanted as his no1 CB. That’s backing.

    Wanted AWB Ed paid £45m for a guy with only 1 year prem experience. That’s backing

    In Jan when most thought Ole was done, Ed didn’t sack him and hire Poch – no instead he signed Bruno Fernandes to change the fortunes for Ole. That’s backing.

    Utd for the first time since SAF are moving in the right direction. Let’s not pretend that Ed hasn’t done his part to back his manager, or Ole hasn’t done his part to show he puts the club before his own reputation. Let’s be positive, Ed has backed Ole and will continue to I am convinced. We have been in Covid-19, Liv have tried to furlough staff and cant afford Werner. But Utd have handled lockdown amazingly, no wage cuts, giving money to the local community and saying they will spend on transfers. That is so positive.

  15. Simon Cowie says

    Well done Terry what an achievement for the Football Terrace ????????????????

  16. Jarvis Cocker says

    Is Terry OleIn now?Last time i checked in November he had lost his faith.But he probably forgot about it..

  17. Simon Cowie says

    Man Utd & Ole this seasonPremier League = 3rdCarabora Cup = Semi FinalsFA Cup = Semi FinalsEuropa League = WinnersIt’s a successful season for any manager in his first season in the job????????????????????????????

  18. Simon Cowie says

    Rival fans laughing at Man Utd celebrating 3rd & a return to Champions League In the Olympics if team GB get 3rd place no matter the sport everyone celebrates team GB winning the bronze medal or is it wrong to celebrate finishing 3rd ???It says we are the 3rd best team in the Premier League this seasonIf we win the Europa league & Man City lose in the Champions League we will have the second best season this year.

  19. Simon Cowie says

    Man Utd need to & should sign all of these players this windowKoulibaly Ake McGinn Grealish Sancho DembeleLine upDe GeaWan BissakaMaguireKoulibaly ShawMcGinnPogbaSanchoFernandesRashfordDembeleSubsRameroAkeMcTomaniyIghaloMartialGreenwoodGrealishWe will improve progress competition & have depth to rotate & even push Man City & Liverpool next season.

  20. Simon Cowie says

    Fernandes Pogba Rashford Greenwood & Martial in team of yearThe have earned it unbeaten in the restart & unbeaten in 15 games

  21. Simon Cowie says

    Happy days we are back where we belongWe finished 3rd & 15 goals clearWell done Ole & all of the lads ????????????Back where we belong CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ??????I said it on the members group we would win 2-0 or 2-1 & I predicted the starting 11 & formation as wellI had conferdance we would do itChampions League back at Old Trafford bring on the group stage drawOle has shut up the Ole out brigade & them fake Ole out fans

  22. J Brew says

    Europa > FA cup

  23. Darth Watson says

    0:24 Prime's reaction hahhahaha

  24. Vaughan Kaos says

    Can someone remind me how well Klopp done in his first season? Lol

  25. Big G says

    Arsenal fans = plain stupid . NO ONE cares about the FA Cup its the prem and CL people care about. Oh but they wouldn't know what a CL trophy looks like……

  26. Rich & Matt's House of Horror's. says

    Plus got to say pissed off that Mount weren’t classed as a Young/Wonderkid Player of the Season.

  27. Ryu Hoyte says

    I see that Barbados map in the back David ??

  28. Rich & Matt's House of Horror's. says

    Terry this is coming from a Chelsea Fan we both got Champions League well done you beat us on goal difference. but arguably you’d poss have a better pre-season then us playing the potential 4 Europa League Games rather then us just playing the usual Pre-Season Games we’re gonna play before the new Season starts in September because you’ll be playing full on Competitive Games but you know what bring it on.

  29. Elliott Waters says

    Terry, It's going to be a three horse race, City, Liverpool and Man Utd!

  30. I'm so abstract says

    BRUNO OVERPLAYED……………………….no way he has only played a quarter of the season and if your telling me he is tired now then we have no chance next season no chance at all

  31. khawaja bilawal says

    I was wrong Utd won the game. 16:23 I think he meant Mount.

  32. dendenn says

    Every United fan who was Ole out because of a defeat to Burnley or Watford or Newcastle…make sure your apology is as loud as your disrespect

  33. Ilir United says


  34. David Gardiner says

    Matic needs to sit in front of the defence more and protect. Then pogba and Bruno ahead of him and then the front 3

  35. Vaughan Kaos says

    It's nice to know Terry that you admit that social media can seep into the dressing room, and yet you were berating Ole to the world in front of thousands of people November December. Shame on you lol.

  36. David Gardiner says

    This could be the top 4 for the next 5 yrs easy. Utd need to press onto the next level now

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