MANAGER CAM | Lampard & Solskjaer Reactions as Chelsea Beat Man United | Emirates FA Cup 19/20


Go behind the scenes at Wembley Stadium to see how Frank Lampard and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer coached and reacted live on the touchline to their semi-final contest.

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  1. Shea Gillespie says

    3:03 weird clap

  2. Ardi Pahlawan says

    nice manager brought drink to the players with kindly

  3. Felix Jeremy says

    OGS always calm even as a player when he scored match winners.

  4. Jamie Devlin says

    Who's 3rd in premier leagues man United

  5. Bernardinho 50 says

    I had incredible satisfaction when Chelsea defeated Manchester United 3-1 and eliminated Manchester United from Fa Cup.

  6. giorgos zimbidis says

    Lampard is ready to give his life for chelses a true legend.

  7. Curly Animations says

    Player: breaths Lampard: CLAP CLAP CLAP

  8. Caliban says

    Sir Alex sat during games. He only got up when he had something to pinpoint. When the players saw Alex on the sidelines they knew it were serious. Players play the game, not the managers. Hope you learned something today kids.

  9. Wahyu Tri Ananda says

    Pls put cabalero on final match

  10. Bahamutus says

    I love how all Solskjaer does is says non stop: "Cmon, guys! We got this!" And thats all, ahaha.

  11. Technical Sports h360 says

  12. Jack y says

    ole has aged

  13. Charlie Day says

    What a difference in styles,Frank is up and in the game,Their manager sees the second goal go in and heads for the hills??????CHELSEA?

  14. Wayne King says

    Bruno penandes

  15. Jay J says

    Frank Lampard (along with his philanderer pal, John Terry) mocked Americans at a Heathrow hotel, after 911 occurred. He abused guests, threw things at them. Disgraceful.Learn how to be a human being, Mr Lampard (before trying to be a "coach/manager" and trying to win a meaningless FA Cup).

  16. vOnTheRopez- says

    Did ole not do the kneel I'm not really bothered just curious

  17. Dave says

    Ngl without fans this just looks like a Sunday footy match with the lads

  18. Zadarack says

    Anyone remember when Lampard started as manager at Chelsea and had a pretty rocky start and all the Chelsea fans were saying Lampard out in the first month lol

  19. Imam Budianto says

    Ole act like a boss ? he thinks he's better than sir alex

  20. Tyler says

    Ole needs to go down onto the sideline instead of sitting down

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