Manchester City 3-2 QPR – As it happened on Soccer Saturday


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The 2011/2012 season ended in the most dramatic circumstances as Manchester City pipped Manchester United to the Premier League title. This is how the action unfolded on the final day of the season.

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  1. Sky Sports Retro says

    Vincent Kompany's reaction to the game:

  2. Ashley Soudah says

    Aguerrrrrrrrroooooo! Imagine what it must have been like to have been Aguero scoring the winner. Wow

  3. Chris Smith says

    They got love bites an everything

  4. Arjay says

    I find it funny how United fans had a grudge against Sunderland for so many years after this for celebrating when City beat them to the title. The whole country was cheering against them, not just Sunderland, everyone wanted to see them knocked off their perch.

  5. Daniel Beadle says

    as a utd fan all i can say is ouch

  6. Louis Oddie says

    i remember watching this game in tears for about 10 minutes, when aguero scored the pub i was in erupted, qpr fans celebrating with us, singing and dancing the whole way home, what an awful amazing night it was

  7. Ant 3451 says

    What's soccer

  8. Big Shagger Lengman says

    Do I even want to bother pressing play

  9. Son Chaeyoung says

    I miss Edin Dzeko

  10. Chris J says

    Ahhh…the good old days when we had crowds in the stands. I remember it well.

  11. kasper C says

    GoaT moments in premiership history, did he see the hero @7min10secs almost slide takles half of Man City team ?

  12. Rogue says

    i’m a united fan and this hurts my heart, but i can’t lie this is one of the greatest moments in football history

  13. FirminoFan 101 says

    ‘Barely a player on the field that he didn’t assault in the end’

  14. Tony Almonte says

    ? As a United fan, THIS end of a season makes me so goddamn salty, I still have to be careful not to rant about Joey Barton being sent off on purpose. Seriously, what a fucking end!! ? ? ?

  15. 3 chungus says


  16. Gamaray says

    Im still confused on the relegation battle

  17. Adam Bennet says

    I think the thing we have to point out here is that Everton finished above Liverpool! Holy moly imagine that happening now ?

  18. Hawk Manson says

    At least giggs knows what his brother felt like

  19. Mizo Zial says

    Oh man it never gets old, goosebumps everytime I watch it, whatever commentary or clip it may be its all the same (except for the Martin Tyler commentary)

  20. HENICIE says

    What makes it better is QPR got relegated cause of it

  21. Revolution NOW says

    I remember this year . It's the year we won the fa cup an knocked Tottenham out of there champions league spot by finally winning the champions league . Viva Chelsea FC

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