Manchester United vs Chelsea | Key Moments | Semi-Finals | Emirates FA Cup 19/20


Goals from Olivier Giroud, Mason Mount and an own goal from Harry Maguire puts Chelsea into the Heads Up FA Cup Final, where they’ll now face Arsenal.

Extended highlights will be live from 12pm BST tomorrow.

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  1. The Emirates FA Cup says

    Extended highlights will be live from 12pm BST tomorrow.


    BETTING TIPS this week ????

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  6. wnnalis cioov says

    Chelsea : 1st goal @56th min of first half Chelsea : 2nd goal @46th min in second half Lampard : Who cares, anyway its 2020

  7. Kate Perham says

    Hi I love Manchester

  8. Kate Perham says

    Hi I love Man U

  9. the man says

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  11. sokin jon says

    Disgusting how short my fellow united fans memories are, are u forgetting David de Geas brilliance and all the points he's saved us, show some loyalty ffs

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