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Welcome to Manila, the kingdom of jeepneys, cars, buses and incredibly good-natured people. Instead of showing usual Manila tourist attractions this Manila travel video tries to convey the pulse of Manila’s daily life. Manila is hectic, Manila is crowded, Manila is hot, Manila is polluted but the genuine kindness of its people make a visit to Manila more than worthwhile.

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  1. NJPN 2019 says

    The days that Philippine traffic is still no as severe as today. The days that the MRT 3 is still in good condition

  2. Philippine Association of Railway Enthusiasts says

    Hello Daniel Klobucar! I'm Justin Joe Torrejas from The PRA Channel. Did you have the full video of your MRT-3 Ride during your trip in Manila? If there is, can I have it? Thank You Very Much!

  3. Mohd Yusuff Bin Sharif says

    Manila is good for great ancient buildings like cityhall, post office and more i couldn't remember

  4. Mohd Yusuff Bin Sharif says

    I was there twice… unforgettable experience.

  5. Jericho Piana says

    aside from your grammar, nothing else is wrong 🙂

  6. Reychelle Williams says

    I can't saw something wrongly.

  7. Richard Ong says

    yes please. next time you visit manila, please consider other spots. many foreigners think that manila is too poor, congested etc. but only on some other parts. we have lots of global cities to be proud of now. please help us promote our capital. foreign media often portray manila as being dirty, poor etc etc. we want to change that

  8. Richard Ong says

    The economy of the country has been experiencing rapid growth, skylines are booming and so are the infrastructures. The one who took this video focused only one spot in the capital where most of the slums and dirty places are located. If you want to experience the real metro manila, go to nearby cities like Makati, The Fort, Ortigas, etc.

  9. Jens says

    Beautiful Video. I've yet to go to Phils. Live part time in Bangkok and never really got the idea to go to Phils until recently. This video made me want to go even more, I think I will take a trip to Manila and Palawan this summer 🙂

  10. Charleston Felimon says

    Thank you for visit in our country:) And this Video:)

  11. Swedish Dissident says

    If people in this country would pray and preach less and instead set about to make real changes that benefit social and economic development, the future of the PI might look bright.

  12. Daniel Klobucar says

    @MrHalohalo85 Good idea, thank you!

  13. Victor Nobrega says

    @garju101 i am going to phils in december this year to visit my inlaws for the first time,very excited!

  14. We are not alone says

    this make me feel i wanna go home.yap its the people that makes manila worth the visit..but i like to explore manila so many things to do many place to go..

  15. Gillian Gacuma says

    I love it!!

  16. saint27573 says

    imiss philippines. 🙁

  17. erinn d says

    yez i think so……..ive been to most cities in the world……and ive been craving to what im really used to……the nature……fuck i miss it much to be in lot of remote places in Philippine…….i used to dive on some secluded water fall in Davao jst to cool off……hpe u show more of this place i like it………and children i like filipino children there funny………thxxxx…….

  18. Daniel Klobucar says

    hey glad you liked the video and i hope that you'll be able to visit home soon. take care!

  19. garju101 says

    hey mate thanks for posting this…I haven't been home in a while makes me miss going home more….



  20. koreanodefilipino says

    thanks guys

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