Mantra for Health – Healing the Body & Soul with Medicine Buddha ☯


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ॐ divine energy of spiritual enlightenment

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● ▬ ॐ Devotional Mantra for Health lyrics (text) ॐ
Om Bekandje Bekandze
Maha Bekandze
Radza Samudgate Soha

● ▬ ☸ #Health mantra meaning / Translation ☸

“Do away with illness. Do away with illness.
Do away with the great illness of
the ignorance of our True Nature”


“Let all the sentient beings who are sick,
Quickly free from disease.
Let no illness of creatures ever (to them) return.”

● ▬ ☸ The purpose of the #MedicineBuddhaMantra ☸
Medicine Buddha mantra purifies any broken vows, like Pratimoksha vows, or precepts. It is very powerful for purification and for healing sickness. The Medicine Buddha mantra eliminates pain and suffering.

Any living being who hears the name of Medicine Buddha never gets reborn in the lower realms-that’s the benefit, the power of just hearing the name, the mantra. The reason there is so much power is due to Medicine Buddha’s compassion. In the past when he was a bodhisattva he made so many prayers and dedications with strong compassion for his name to be wish fulfilling, to bring happiness.

When he became enlightened, one of the ten powers of a Buddha is the power of prayer – that means that all the prayers that have been made get fulfilled. So it is extremely important in our daily life to practice Medicine Buddha and to chant his name for the animals. It’s an unbelievably easy way to liberate yourself and to help others too.

For more Effect think or say: ‘By this practice of Medicine Buddha may I be purified of all disease, pain and suffering, enjoy robust, good, health, and attain complete and perfect enlightenment, in order to lead all other beings to this same state

● ▬ ☸ Who is Medicine Buddha?
Medicine Buddha mantra is an extraordinary and precious healing meditation practice found in Tibetan Buddhism.

In the Vast Mahayana pantheon, three Buddhas stand supreme:
Sakyamuni the Buddha of the present age;
Amitabha, the Lord of Sukhavati, the Western Pure Land;
and the Medicine Buddha, the “Healing Buddha”, the Docor of Body and Soul”. As embodiments of the archetypical “healer” watching over the living and “cosoler” watching over those long gone, the Medicine Buddha represent teachings common to all traditions of Buddhism

● ▬ ☸ What is mantra? Mantra definition
Mantras (chants) are sounds made up of sacred Sanskrit syllables, which help us to improve our energy. #Chanting powerful mantras or listening to them give us access to the Divine Forces, bring harmony in our mind, body & of course sets our heart on a wave of divine energy, bringing bliss into our inner world. These devotional sounds can activate our inner pharmacy, bring the balance to our physiology, creating wellness & vitality. What is mantra – it’s divine magic of Lord & we can use it to wake up our spirituality!

#mantra came from India, it’ a special set of sacred sounds that creates a resonance affects on our energy. So of course no matter to listen to the mantra or chant it, but effect will be better if mentally repeat the text thus the blissful inner state will be achieved sooner
NUMBER of REPEATS: Take a course for 1 month: in order to be effective, any business must be carried out stably & consistently for at least 1 month, then the result will amaze you! According to hindu rituals repeats should be multiple of 9 (as usual – 108 times will be great), most important – listen 3 times a day
TIME: Best effect #mantras will have if you listen them 3 times a day – morning, afternoon & evening (before bedtime)
PHYSICAL CONDITION: be calm & relax your body so the energy of the sound will have the maximum effect
EFFECT: When the number of chanting reaches a certain value (after 1 month), you will belive learn how to resolve many problems, achieve realization of potential, harmony within you & bliss. Just repeat inwardly: “I CAN DO EVERYTHING I WANT! I WILL DO! MY FORTUNE IS WITHIN ME!
After 1 month course chanting you will learn how to resolve many problems, achieve realization of potential, harmony within you & bliss. Just say magic words: “I WILL SUCCEED IN ALL MY EFFORTS! MY DESTINY IS IN MY HANDS!

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