March of Heroes (by Gameloft) – GAME THAT WAS CANCELLED (Android/iOS)




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►Device: iPhone X; iPad Pro 9,7
►Screen Recorder: QuickTime Player
►Montage: Final Cut Pro

#MarchofHeroes #MarchofHeroesAndroid #MarchofHeroesiOS
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    It could be the first Gameloft’s FPS game running on Unreal Engine 3😭

  2. meroben kot says

    my god gameloft is rising again?

  3. shumitoalex- -CSGO. CS 1.6 says

    Modern combat 3 and 4 remakes?? That would be pretty nice

  4. Paul Andrei says

    looks like a 2013 game

  5. Clark Kent says


  6. ryu jin says

    This must be a joke LMAO

  7. MR.GOODTHING says

    why 😭please tell me why

  8. goodshow man says

    Game loft needs to be canceled lol 😂

  9. Countryballs DAVE says

    in the past, today's seemingly old games were more fun than the current ones, which are nicer but they are below everything because we used to look forward to more beautiful mobile games, but this is now lost and it's only because of the money

  10. ZakariaZED YTV says

    Can we download it or no ?

  11. Subscribe Without videos says

    Where are the links 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  12. Rami Gaming says

    The best

  13. Eren Yeager says

    I miss old Gameloft

  14. greetingsfromSabhi says

    Why are u telling this after 11 to 12 years???

  15. ZukDroid Games says

    the old Gameloft games were the best, I would trade all the new ones just for them to come back😭😭😭😭😭 #remake

  16. Shallows says

    The background music is from Brother in Arms: Global Front. Such an amazing game.

  17. Lil_determination says

    Graphics are bad. We can't even move the character. No wonder it got canceled

  18. TI Android Games says


  19. X丨ツ_死神_ツ says

    Lol gameloft, sorry gayloft still trying to make games, they still havent fix the bugs in modern combat 5. Which i stop playing 3 yearsago 😒. It was better back in 2016, now its all broken.

  20. little dude from across the street says

    Did gsmeloft stop making games

  21. Саймонツ Райли says

    Call of duty black ops in minimal)

  22. Anthony Nguyễn says

    Look like the Vietnam war

  23. Wot blitz Mahonobi says

    İf gameloft don't fuck his money with stupid games like mc versus , They did make better games

  24. Jhin The Virtuoso says

    From Java game to Android. Sadly it was discontinued because of mc3.

  25. LucarZzziN TM says

    good that it was canceled

  26. GAMER says

    Wow it's awesome

  27. I-A-N PELAYO says

    Lolss cute graphics

  28. Çağlar Tacar says

    Gang Domination Release?

  29. THE WAR ANGEL says

    First yesss ! Download link ?????

  30. BLAZE GAMERZ says

    MC4 & 3 is better than this Game lol

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