1. A T says

    I have thouroughly enjoyed this show, so different and exceptionally creatvie in the use of modern laces.

  2. Heather Perry says

    quite lovely but I gotta say–some looked more like elaborate peignoir sets than wedding gowns to me,

  3. Rahmawati Zuhairoh says

    Beautiful dresses with beautiful music, perfect.

  4. Patti Thompsett says

    The dresses are lovely but read very young. Could do without the bunch of material at the bottom in back

  5. Genevieve Van-Catledge says

    I’m sorry, but no. The majority of these dresses made modestly-breasted models look completely flat. I feel like this designer has no love for the female form. The looks seemed to worship the pre-pubescent form to a level that was dangerously close to (dare I say it) borderline pedophilia.

  6. dallastaylor 547 says

    Finaly wedding dresses that don't look like disturbed marshmallows.

  7. Zeeshan Shaukat says


  8. Stefan Herns says

    I want my 70's back!

  9. Shirley Bhagratee says

    Why the ladies didnt wear bra the dressing should look much better.

  10. Nancy Dugan says

    This designer doesn’t believe in defining the female form. No hourglass figures here, no waistlines or boobs. My mother used to make my dresses from flour sacks and this is a fine representation of those dresses. Good dresses to wear if you’re 5 months pregnant and at the alter. Sorry, just my opinion.

  11. megalopolis2015 says

    With the proper hems and undergarments, these would be some of the most amazing dresses. Most are still not bridal, per se, but they were so feminine, flowy, retro with modern twists.

  12. earlene wallace says

    I liked them. I really liked the cool flowiness of their collection.

  13. Yana Nesterova says


  14. Lois Henderson says

    The result of a bad seafood dinner!

  15. Simone Francisca Teixeira Dias says

    Um brinde ao estilista ,criatividade e arte ,valorizando os apliques e bordados milenares .-Show! 2018.

  16. Dr. Ramezani says

    Fantastic all of them. Where can be finded in the market these dresses?

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