Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch


Get ready to experience the fun of Mario Kart in the real world! Use your Nintendo Switch to control a physical Kart, and race through custom courses set up in your home! Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is available in a Mario or Luigi set, and launches on October 16. 🏁

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  1. The -NORMAL says


  2. Pedro Braga says

    Now u wake up at night, step on a Lego and then on a Kart.

  3. Nos334Sang says

    Eh bim.. Le chien de la famille qui passe par là, ciao le Kart.. 😂

  4. M&J YG says

    This is badass

  5. PikaDynamite says

    Can't wait

  6. Kimberly Wenee says

    Author kids: who wants to play with meeveryone: i doMe: i wish someone would play with me No one:

  7. DJEmergency says


  8. Bruno Lima says

    Wow!! Great!! 🤟👏👏

  9. 久保田勉 says


  10. わんわんわん says

    Mario Kart without drift is not Mario Kart

  11. mints or something says

    Can't wait to play this with my seven cats and two dogsoh wait…

  12. Baconut says

    Does it come with a house?


    Mario kart maker looking good

  14. Retro Haynes says

    Aint interested unless yall have more characters available like Yoshi and Donkey Kong

  15. ollieflp says

    What’s it like on carpet?

  16. Ayalbe says


  17. Ayalbe says


  18. Ayalbe says

    Ice Age

  19. Ayalbe says


  20. OjTheJuiceBoy says

    This should have more dislikes

  21. maiko rodrigues says

    que bosta …

  22. Federico Gonzalez says

    Tenés que ser MUY CARETA para ponerle 'no me gusta' a la publicidad de un videojuego como Mario Kart

  23. Zyrø says

    Nintendo wins the graphics war.

  24. Void says

    This is a really good time to be a kid

  25. Krao L2 says

    I need this gameeeee, i need the game😥

  26. MR. VI says

    100 euro for 1 plastic car and abit paper? are you serious nintendo? why do you want to screw children? this should costs 30-40 euro not more. but wait 6-12 months than it will besink 50% like the other paper games.

  27. Adam Slater says

    Only 1 car tho advertised with 2

  28. Kyle says

    Someone is gonna get red dragoned

  29. CesarJr says

    my mom is going to be so mad lmao

  30. Farhaan J says

    I'm gonna be so mad if this game comes out and no one has made a Ribbon Road equivalent

  31. Second Cumming says

    That moment when you’re more hyped for this than the ps5

  32. Pirate King says


  33. John says

    This looks awful, how can this have so many likes?

  34. Super Dup says

    Most tracks showed off in this trailer are rectangles and squares

  35. MalikGamingBros1 says

    Mom could we get Mario Kart? Mario Kart at Home:

  36. Prizm says

    It's going to be real fun getting up from the couch over and over because my kart has gone off the 'track' again 🙄 C'mon Nintendo, it's been SIX YEARS since Mario Kart 8. Can you please just do a proper sequel instead of these spinoffs. Even a substantial set of new DLC tracks for MK8 would be acceptable.

  37. The Homie says

    Is this a ad for a game or toys?

  38. vor 11 Monaten says

    Dunno but without the Drifting =/

  39. Alastor Fate says

    Way too much work for a video game. And this is just absolute trash unless you have a big house. If they would have made it where there are pre-loaded tracks and online multiplayer I could see it being good, but this feels more like it should be a phone game, than a Switch game. I would not be as upset about this, but with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being the only canon Mario Kart game for Switch, all of the Wii U players got screwed by getting a game that was barely any different than the original. And we still have not gotten a new Donkey Kong Country game. It's fine if they wanted to do ports because of the crappy sales for the Wii U, but at the same time they need to still make sequels. At least with Smash Ultimate and Splatoon 2, they had the decency to not make it a port. I have wanted a Mario Kart 9 for so long, so I was very disappointed with this.

  40. Hayden Sampson says

    Imagine the thill of running away from the family pet.

  41. Super Ludwig! says

    When you're bored during quarantine.

  42. Paden Jecha says

    Most hype part of the trailer imo

  43. Jad Bouazzaoui says

    Actually, when people saw this, they thought it was Mario Kart 9…

  44. PharaohsKingdom says

    Um I have carpet. This isn't going to fly.

  45. Imane Pink says

    When houses in the UK and in many other countries in Europe are as small AF…

  46. Mauro Perez says

    Shut up and take my money

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