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While most of the time you probably see me eating food, I’ve been receiving a lot of questions lately asking me who exactly I am, how I started traveling, why I love eating so much, and how I earn a living. So in this video I’m going to quickly explain how and where I grew up.

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA in 1986. My mother is from Hawaii, and she’s Chinese, so I’m half Chinese. Visiting Hawaii, where food is a huge part of the culture, is where I first became so obsessed with all things food. My grandfather was a Chinese chef, so food has been a big part of my family.

My parents are Christian missionaries, so when I was 5 years old, we moved to France for a year. I attended my first year of school in France. We then moved to DR Congo, which was then known as Zaire. We lived in the middle of the jungle and as a kid I would run around exploring and eating interesting and rather bizarre jungle creatures. Due to war in Zaire, we moved to Nairobi, Kenya, where I attended a Christian international school for 8 years until graduating from high school. After high school I went back to Arizona and attended Arizona State University for 4 years, graduating with a degree in global studies.

After graduating, I didn’t want to just get a job, so I started traveling again. I traveled in South America and then went to Asia where I finally got a job teaching English for a year. During that year though, I decided not to ever teach again but to do everything I could to make it as a freelancer on the internet and be able to have freedom to travel (and eat). It was in Thailand that I met my girlfriend, who is now my wife, so I am married!

This brings us up to now. For a living I do a combination of selling my own ebooks, freelance writing, making videos, and all sorts of other random projects like SEO and social media marketing.

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  1. moushumi bhattacharya says

    Hello Mark, I have subscribed only yesterday but honestly have started liking your videos so very much … it is highly informative , especially the ones about Thailand since i love that place a lot … I went this Jan and was there for almost 11days … Have plans to go back again post the pandemic … I am from India … God bless you and your family ..Much love to the little one ❤️

  2. Seema Nawathe says

    Hi mark I'm seema nawathe a grandma. I'm in awe of you and your life style. I would have loved my kids to pursue a life of their own like you've done. (I'm sure you're parents must be proud) . But, Indians, are pretty narrow minded that way I guess. I've been watching mostly all you're videos love them. I had asked you to make a video of the foods that you did not prefer and had to say smilingly thats tasty. Plz be truthful. You have a very beautiful family.

  3. Vlad The Impaler George says

    We thank you also,because you exist and you are so passionate about food!Looking forward to watch all your videos:*

  4. Mo Neta says


  5. Mee Lango says

    Hello, I'm currently in GA but my ethinacy is Hmong. I enjoyed watching your show. I saw a video of yours where you had visited Loas.I really appreciated you had feature our food. I hope you had enjoyed it as much as I did.Thank you and keep those videos coming!

  6. Herman Pepe Tamaseu says

    Thank you for sharing your life journey…!!? my best friend told me .. your food videos during nz covid lockdown… they were inspirational… God bless your family ??

  7. Ferdinand Mutua says

    Mark, I am Ferdinand Mutua from Kenya. I love you eloquence & I think it's because you love the job you're doing. Please tell me 3 countries where I'll enjoy food with a budget expenditure. I like Indian food but if India, which state.

  8. Michelle De Lucio says

    That's right ying! I almost called her ming! Sorry!

  9. Michelle De Lucio says

    Im Michelle been watching you for 4 years now! I was bien and raised in Texas in 83. I wish i could do what you do! Im hispanic italian and not sure if im asian but alot of asian friends i have say i might be. And some native i love in El Paso Tx! I love food i remember watching alot of the master chef shows, hells kitchen but my fave was bizarre foods with Adam Zimern i was stoked when you did a food collab with him! But i love all your channels and i follow all of them! Say hi to your wife and micah for me! I love your tour to Florida i haves alot of paranormal you tubers i like that live there! Always wanted to know what kind of food they had there and im enjoying your food tour!

  10. Sonal Soni says

    Love from india

  11. Shashank Limaye says

    Dear and Respected Mark, I am Dr Mr SHASHANK LIMAYE aged 66 yrs residing in Pune INDIA. Travel and tour is one of my hobbies, especially to gain knowledge about Countries, Cultures, Costume, Culinary skills,. Religion and Economy. I like your visitations and coverage,your narration.I am also following Mayo ,a Japanese Hindi speaking Girl. God Bless.

  12. Farman Ali says

    hi mark.. i am from pakistan….. wana ask what supplement you use since its very hard to eat heavy food all day….

  13. Cherry Yangyang says

    Now i know!!?❤?I enjoy watching all your videos. Thank you Mark for this video. God bless you and your beautiful family!! ?❤?

  14. DEEDEE Davidson says

    thanks for your History…You have a very sweet spirit, and are very articulate…..You were reared well by your christian parents..I love fried chicken, and chocolate……TY DEDE

  15. Saru Gurung Ghale says

    So good to know more about u,ur very down to earth personality,thank u for your amazing videos and thank u for sharing your life experiences with us ?????

  16. Bonne Burton says

    Hi Mark, I’m new to your channel this week and really enjoy watching your enthusiasm and sweetness that you extrude in your facial expressions. Love seeing your family too. Greetings from Albuquerque, New Mexico

  17. Kavita Tank Tank says

    Hi mark .m kavita tank frm india ..passionate about food ..I have small cafe .m nt happy .I want to travel world to taste to start travelling fr food .need advice pls thnku .

  18. Moshe Cabasso says

    Hi Mark! Moses here, a big fan from Mexico city, love your videos!! I would like to know how and when you met Joel Bruner, he is great too!!!

  19. sufia latif says

    Hi Mark, I’m a new subscriber to your channel. I think your videos are wonderful. They take me away from my daily life. I love seeing all the places you travel to. You host your channel with a lot of dedication & passion & it shows that you’re a real genuine guy. Thanks for sharing your amazing adventures with us ?

  20. Domingo Rey Jr Aguilar says

    Hi Mark I'm Christine Aguilar but right now I'm using the account of my husband Domingo Rey Aguilar. We're just happy to know you. My husband and I and our daughter do enjoy watching your videos and then get hungry after watching you ha ha. You're very lucky to have tasted different awesome dishes from different places. Keep it up. Keep us always enjoy your videos. It's nice knowing you. Your awesome. GOD BLESS you always especially on your travel. Hope you can also travel here in Passi City, Iloilo, Philippines. MABUHAY.

  21. blooming flowers youtube says

    I am Celina Love to see your videos

  22. Herkalion says

    Hey, I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. A friend put me into your channel and myself and the family love watching them. My 6-year old has a habit of saying Woah!, more often now ?. I see you were in Denmark. Great place and I have family there so know the food is awesome there. Only Scottish food I would recommend you try is Haggis, of course. Black pudding (congealed pigs blood basically) and porridge. Happy travels. ?

  23. Margaret Nicomede says

    Hey Mark, my name is Margie. 67 years of age. The only travel I have done outside of US is Canada. I just run across you on YouTube but am a big fan. Thank you for what you are doing. Helping me see the world.

  24. Nastaran M says

    Hi Mark,Nastaran from Canada, originally from Iran ??. Miss Iran and being away for 25 years. Love your video and passion for people and food ???

  25. Hassan Tijan Sow says

    Question : how do you manage to stay so slim with all the food you eat ? Do you work out every day ?

  26. Jeff Lewis says

    Hi Mark, I’m a British transplant living in San Jose California. I have traveled around the world since I was sixteen years old so your stories and information and especially the food is fascinating to me. Thank you for sharing your personal life with us and I think your wife and baby are beautiful.

  27. Behold the Lamb Bible Study says

    Tell us about Joel.

  28. T.A.M.E Your Style says

    Hello Mark! My name is Mattine and I'm a huge fan of your channel. I also love seafood! Thank you for sharing your life with us. I live in Orlando fl and I love to travel as well. Than you again

  29. Charlotte Moore says

    I am from the great state of Connecticut!! I have traveled a few places but not like you and Ying. I adore both of you and keep up the good work ??

  30. Charlotte Moore says

    Hello Mark, I enjoy all your videos. I'm now eating food I am not familiar with and enjoy! One thing I love is the curry chili paste. Delicious! I'm Charlotte Butler.

  31. Prinola Jansen says

    Thanks for being such a wonderful role model and down to earth person! From Durban, South Africa. When you do visit, please try the Bunny Chow!!! It's a Durban favourite! Hubby and I watch your videos all the time!!! Hope to meet you one day!

  32. Tabarah Marn says

    Mark, I am from Papua New Guinea one of the biggest island in all of pacific Island country. The country is made up of 22 provinces with 851 languages spoken today. Each province has its own unique cultures and traditions to follow in everything they do in terms of how they live and how they do things, and most particularly how they prepare different types of food traditionally.

  33. rafa reyes says

    what's up Marc weins well my name is Rafael Reyes from watsonville California. damn I been watching your videos lately and you are a good person man. id love to go to Thailand for the food heard is good and cheap lol.. but yes man love watching your videos keep it up get back at me if you can or Instagram rr._418 Instagram

  34. Robert HILLARY says

    Hello Mark Wiens. I am Robert Ngetich from Kenya. I want to tell you that you are such an awesome person. I might be pretty late for this, because I came across your YouTube channel last June! But then I cannot stop watching your videos. I love eating as well and I had to subscribe to your channel ASAP. I must say that what I loved most is the lamb meat you ate in Uzbekistan or somewhere like that. The lamb that was prepared in a pit hot oven. I really would like to try it. I can't wait to watch more of your videos. Thank you for your excellent videos. God bless you and your family.

  35. Mila Smith says

    Hi my name is Mila I am seven years old I am from Oklahoma City. I want to be just like you when I’m older, my favorite food is Mexican food. And I want to travel to Mexico City

  36. Shailendra Pratap Singh says

    How much you earn in a month as I saw U invest a lot in travelling

  37. Andre Tucker says

    Thank you Mark for sharing your bio. My name is Andre and I’m from Jamaica living in the USA. Big up to you and your family. And keep doing what you do. We love your videos… Awesome!?

  38. Zandy Doblon says

    Now I know why Mark can eat anything served to him. Thank you Mark for making incredible food blogs. You've been so generous with your content. I wish I could meet your personally someday. I worked in Thailand for 2 years as English teacher, and that's why I got to know you. Thank you again!

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