1. Kabula Gilgil says

    Why your movies is short

  2. Sergio Grafico says


  3. Numaan Tahir says

    I've think I've seen this before only it was set in a Russian prison

  4. Heru Mustofa says


  5. Carlos Corona says

    Como se llama está película…?? Y si tiene subtítulos en español para buscarla …¡¡¡

  6. Peter Ward says

    If all the prisoners are Kung Fu practitioners, the guards must be REALLY good.

  7. Edan TV says


  8. Thị thãn Nguyễn says


  9. Yash Vikal says

    Hay yash dhf5jc hggyg

  10. lily mora says

    Se les agradece por traducir el idioma chino a castellano , ahi si , son muy buenos los videos

  11. بيار قامشلو says

    وليش مو مترجم للعربي

  12. David santiago Arias acevedo says

    Objetivo encontar un comentario en epañol.

  13. Louis Tiben says


  14. Thaty Fujii says


  15. Miroslav Kalas says


  16. Jonathan James says


  17. Liên Vi says

    Xem bình luận toàn tiếng nước ngoài, cl

  18. 大舘譲司 says


  19. Thuwan Si says

    I don't know, why chinese and Korean hates Japanese? In Most of their movies theY pull up Japan as the Thug??

  20. Angelo Carrion says

    Buenas película

  21. Angelo Carrion says

    Buenas película

  22. مرتضى مهدي says

    ابن العراقمر من هنا ?

  23. валерий тихомиров says


  24. جابر جابر says

    ممكن رابط الفلم لو سمحت

  25. Nana Sabirin says

    Apaan Sih

  26. Muhammad Albar says

    ฉันไม่เข้าใจสิ่งที่พวกเขาพูดชื่อของภาพยนตร์เรื่องนี้คืออะไร? คำทักทายจากอินโดนีเซีย

  27. Simião Ernesto cunbane Cunbane says

    Marcas da vida

  28. Ahmad Faisoll says


  29. Edgar Rojas Duran says


  30. Jampa Gyaltsen says

    Movie name??????

  31. Star life point says

    Barabanki utter perdesh se

  32. Star life point says

    Sir English.hindi me video chahiye

  33. Moba Games says

    Tên phim là gì vậy

  34. S- é- T says

    Vãi cả dịch

  35. Danilo Villarino says

    What is the tittle of this movie

  36. Nucalale Channel says


  37. Prasad Kaipa says

    Movie name

  38. Trường Nguyễn says

    Tên phim là gì vậy ạ

  39. Kathryn Clayton says

    See what happens when you talk about my momma!!!?

  40. Rex Agorilla says


  41. Mario Ramos Vargas says


  42. Ade Bass says

    What's the title please

  43. Emanuely simoni Bundala says

    Emanuely simoni

  44. sushil official says


  45. Indian P says

    Indian soldiers have given nicely to this kind of martial artist.hahaha. It’s proved that Nothing will work infront of Indian soldiers. Martial arts is borned in India, so don’t try to teach father.??

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