It’s the match-up of the martial arts legends #TonyJaa and #DonnieYen. Check out our clip compilation of the ultimate face-off. Who will win?

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  1. FilmIsNow Action Movie Trailers says

    Tony Jaa or Donnie Yen? Let us know!

  2. monica basumotary says

    Tony jaa is best fighting

  3. james Sum says

    tony jaa has best stuns..but little slow in hnd combat.. Donnie yen has no stunts but real fast in hnd combat..

  4. Michael Le says

    doi chinh phu my lam kinh ban duoc dau` . Michael se kieu chinh phu chi cho chu' 2 ti usd …………..

  5. Visoth Phin says

    I like Donnie yen most

  6. Michael Le says

    nguoi` 1 nha . 2 chu' anh lam phim coi di chac co doanh thu ……..

  7. JEFFREY M says

    Donny yen! is a Gran Master, hes background, said everything about him, tony jaa is real good, but we can't speak for what we see in the movies, because is very ignorant, we need to do a research and then we talk, Donny yen! Come from Grand masters background, jet li, Donny yen, Bruce lee, all this martial arts figther is in another level, Tony jaa, his own self his own words, he say in a interview, he don't like the people compare him with those master's because traditional is a disrespectful thing! So I understand the people like tony jaa, but no to that level!????????

  8. Rodrigo Biloy says

    Donnie is the best forever in martial arts…

  9. God's Assassin says

    Donnie Yen for me. Yes Tony's a beast but Donnie is more diverse and talented. He can commit to any martial art style required for his roles like Wing Chung for Ip Man and MMA for Flashpoint. And he executes flawlessly at that too.

  10. George Khullak says

    Both are martial arts action stars.I like both but as for realistic scenes I prefer Tony Jaa.

  11. Nithiin Nithiin says

    Both Are best.

  12. Sravan Mallick says

    My favrate both… ?

  13. Phạm Trung says


  14. Levohj Bonifacio says

    Donnie yen

  15. Gordon Rose says

    I don't see them fighting each other

  16. Hortencia Velazquez says

    Pasenla completa

  17. Pushpa Hidam says

    Donnie yen using rope but stunt in real

  18. Heri Karo says

    No donnie yen is muscle art and tony jaa is muay yhai

  19. Heri Karo says

    Tony jaa

  20. Anil Akkians Fan says

    I love fhaeitI Love Tonyja sir

  21. Angie Bat says


  22. Edmar Luna says

    Tonny jaaa my idol

  23. Skend Bacii says


  24. Kishor Kure says

    Of course, Tony Zaa. All Stunts done by him are ?% true.

  25. Chill Will says

    I like both tbh.. But if i have too make a choice im going with Donnie his combos are off the charts and hes been around along time.. Ja has more impact on his blows with deadlier strikes so you wouldnt go wrong on either 2

  26. UmarSF Khan says

    Donni yem the best fight

  27. chit2290 nat says


  28. Tirta Tw123 says

    Tony jaa??

  29. Jitha Narath says

    I love both! But in a real fight, I think Tony Jaa will beat Donnie! Bruce Lee can beat both of them in his prime.

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