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Marvel’s Avengers is the hottest new mobile game for your console or PC! Spend money on in-app cosplay, fight hordes of sparkly robots, and spend money on in-app cosplay! In this review we make doo-doo. #reassemble #marvel #avengersgame

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  1. adrian bayu says

    3:12 now I know how you're lying. how come you didnt know Iron Man at this very time of the century?!

  2. Ryan Smilie says

    It's very much a rinse and repeat type game, all the levels are exactly the same the objectives are exactly the same and even after a while the combat is exactly the same, it seems like they threw the multiplayer in last minute as a second thought when really this should have been their MAIN selling point. Its soooooo boring, I'm sure their play testers told them about this…. they REALLY drop the ball…. they could have done SOOO MUCH with this game if they just took their time gta style. I guess this was cash grab more than anything else. 4.5/10

  3. Ben Grinter says

    Pissed myself with Ben Kenobis "of course I know him"

  4. honorbound12 says

    The game isn't bad nothing a few updates can't fix

  5. SeriousMcnegative says

    Girlfriend reviews voice got… Higher?

  6. Marc Remi says

    Really looking forward to the Cyberpunk review.

  7. John English says

    Just to confirm… the game is shit, don’t get it… right? 😅

  8. Nelo Zk says

    Thank God for Injustice

  9. Xavier Williams says

    Ms marvel intro to us through this game was awesome regardless what you think! She's one of my favs to play.

  10. First Man To The Sun says

    This autoplayed for me and I didn't realize it was a GFR vid untill 3 minutes in. Thanks for at least telling me hahaha

  11. Jason Bustos says

    Holy crap Shelby was right, you are a guru. That Avgn theme hit me in such a subliminal way at first. Bravo!

  12. Filip Vadas says

    They managed to make the Hulk boring in a beat-em-up style game.Wow….

  13. James Watson says

    Luffy was a better rubber man

  14. Kakuchopurei says

    In before 2 million subs. Also, great review of this Avengers title. You saved a lot of folks US$60.

  15. Emjay Imba says

    the background music is going ham this time 😀

  16. Prajwal Jayaraj says


  17. Alec says

    Now I want an la noire girlfriend review

  18. Second Grader says

    imagine being beaten by an update of a 2016 game in the best PS4 games of 2020

  19. Playstation psycho says

    Disney infinity was the best starwars, marvel and Disney game

  20. Md Shariful Islam says

    Why does Shelby sound like she's on SF6? Oh, wait… it's Matt.

  21. Justintiger9 says

    I would listen to any audiobook if Shelby read it with that honey sweet voice

  22. mexopz says

    The AVGN theme!

  23. Pablo says

    The only entertaining missions from the whole game are the first one and the last one.Other than that they are so boring and repetitive.It is not the worst but I expected more from this characters.

  24. Tapiwa Muza says

    Love the people around you, and cherish the moments you get to spend with them ¡Peace, love and more life to everyone out there, stay safe! 👊🏿🙏🏿❤️

  25. PC-Master Maul says

    Correction: Nobody loves Ms. Marvel

  26. Catwomans Chanel slides says

    I’ll keep saying this Kamala wasn’t even a bad character……should’ve waited till her show came out but hey🤷🏾‍♂️And they should’ve had black panther in this at the beginning or falcon or someone of that nature.

  27. Richard Sleeve says

    This game looks like a more modern and shinier Superman 64.

  28. Dr Akash Lanka says

    Gender bender Luffy

  29. eac dez says

    Ultimate alliance was the only decent avengers game and I am probably looking through Rose tinted glasses

  30. Los Definitely says

    LMFAOOO you guys make laugh harder than anyone ever

  31. Kolden Gosney says

    I have yet to experience a single bug which is crazy seeing how buggy it is for other people😂

  32. Thee Profit says

    RIP CHAD 🙏💔😢

  33. MPR pedronio says

    Hey Shelby and Matt! I love your videos! Can you do a review of Dead by Daylight? That would be cool. Thanks!

  34. gurpreet singh says

    I bet, that dragon ball game in the dusty kingdom hearts shell is better than this.

  35. Rith Panhapich says

    I wouldn’t buy this game even if it were 2$

  36. Douglas Vanderpool says

    That was a grade A transition HOT damn

  37. Christopher Nanez says

    How do we suggest a game? I think ck3 would be a nice departure from the usual.

  38. Edward Rodriguez says

    Yep. Play Destiny 2.

  39. Wyatt Merrill says

    The Ben Kenobi “of course I know him, he’s me.” Was my hardest lol of 2020

  40. Manuel P says

    I had a feeling this game was gonna be shit I was really hoping I would be proven wrong

  41. Ismael Verea says

    IGN Greg Poops, yeah poop describes his persona aight

  42. Sam Ward says

    Really trying to hit that 10 minute mark

  43. mekman4 says

    Have you tried the Iron Man VR on PS4, you might like that better. I think it does a fine job of making you feel like Iron Man.Great Stuff! As always.

  44. Jesse Schoedel says

    It's honestly kind of impressive how bad this game actually is. I didn't even think it was possible, but the devs somehow made The Avengers lame.

  45. D Pronto says

    Was the pause on Hulk jumping just a gratuitous burn on quick-time events or did I miss something?

  46. Unknown says

    jeez lol

  47. Crisp B says

    yeah i knew right away when they released their first trailer as just a lame cinematic that this game would be terrible.

  48. Trial & Error says

    Subwoofer boy

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