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40 Years of Gaming:
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Lyrics written & performed by Dan Bull
Animation by Ross Butter.
Music: produced by Fraxure / Duncan Powell

Sonic Mania Ultra: Emerald Escapade
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Written by Tom Jenkins and Liam McKeown
Storyboard and Animatic by Liam McKeown
Art Direction & Animation production a creative service by Venturia Animation Studios
Music Composed by Joe Simmons AKA Gizmode
Edited by Jason Alan Dewey

Legend of Zelda: Born to be Wild
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Concept, Lyrics & Storyboard by Laura Rankin
Music composed by Joe Simmons AKA Gizmode
Vocals by Rob Lundgren
Art Direction & Animation production a creative service by Venturia Animation Studios
Directed by Karlos Velásquez
Animation by Goyo Moreno
Backgrounds by Camilo Sastre
Production Management by Andrés Urbina
Additional VFX & Sound Design by Jason Dewey
Voice of Monk Maz Koshia by Dan Gavin

PUBG Anthem: Here Comes The Blue
Animation by Mr Weebl & Kreid
Music and Sound Design by Mr Weebl
Produced by Tom Jenkins

Breath of the Wild: And There You Are
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Original Animation by Redminus
Music by Alex Walker Smith
Edited by Jason Alan Dewey

Overwatch Victory
Music composed by Lab Grown Music

Electric Guitar performed by Mark McKenzie
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Defaced Music Video by Laura Rankin

R-Type: Encounter
Animated by Paul “Otaking77077” Johnson
Produced by Tom Jenkins
Music Composed by Joe Simmons: &
Additional VFX and visual awesomeness by Laura Rankin

Additional material by Jason Alan Dewey

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    The Sonic Mania Shorts that they made look really good, but i bet it would've looked even cooler with a couple of more frames

  5. Loony Dood says

    Only 2 decades of gaming and each one was amazing, even with all the havoc gaming is what people are into this second.

  6. AYT EL PRO CRACK says

    My favorite song is 40 years of gaming

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    I just wanna know, did you guys get dan bulls permission to re upload this?

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    That R-type shit was fantastic! The animation was crispy, and smooth as he,l

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    I like the idea of gamers owning the world if it means I get to freely blow things up

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    Anybody else think of IHE in the first song? XD

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    The Shadow of the Colossus part of "40 Years of Gaming" made me feel so much joy

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