1. Dennis Bowen says

    man i wish they would go to pc.

  2. Guitar Daniel says

    What, we cant celebrate the Rockets knocking the Clippers out of the 2015 playoffs to advance to the WCFs in 2055?

  3. IamofIAM144 says

    @RyanMoody – What do you think of this video… https://youtu.be/73p6hoaVr-w

  4. P. Curt says

    I had a feeling you were fascinated with balls

  5. Ron Kwiatkowski says

    I'd personally prefer them working on gameplay, than details like this. At least with previous versions, it's easy to make the ai QB throw to a fully covered receiver. If you lead the receiver with your db, the QB reads it as he's open. Which, he's not. Small details like this do matter, but if the gameplay doesn't feel immersive, then it's not fun. That's just my opinion. Please don't roast me for it.

  6. SillyMonkeyRacing says

    They need to worry about the big details that are lacking right now, like handoff animation and physics, catching animation and physics, route running physics, the list goes on and on. This is a detail that should be added when the game is worthy of 30 dollars. Right now there are mobile games that have better gameplay than this.

  7. Jesse Goforth says

    And I never got a captain patch after playing on the same team for multiple years!

  8. Ryan hollar says

    Buy a copy of espn 2k5 for Xbox, update your Xbox to the latest settings, unplug the hard drive and plug into your pc, turn you UAC settings to 0, download xport 360, run it as administrator, go to operation sports and download the latest rosters, drag and click the file into the xport 360 app and you’ll have updated rosters for espn 2k5 the best football game ever….no need to buy madden again….

  9. ssjsayan 777 says

    I love how much detail they seem to be putting in the game but I can’t bring myself to buy it until I know they have good gameplay I think they should be using their resources to focus on gameplay first

  10. Tr0uB135uM says

    I see comment 123…….I’m 4 ?

  11. fumblerooskie says

    The laces are wrong on the Canadian ball.

  12. Javier Grant says

    Honestly this is the coolest detail I’ve seen in a sports game ever! I didn’t even think about this type of detail in the game but this is what Canuck Play will get my money when Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2020 comes out!And to the clowns who talk about the graphics of this game, do know that people like Ryan, myself, and many others care about gaming company who listens to its consumers, take considerations, and then implement what the fans want. EA doesn’t do that, which shows in their product, but Maximun does, which is why I’m supporting them

  13. red H says

    I can’t wait for this game ?

  14. William F says

    These MUT kids aren’t even old enough to know what a Commodore 64 is.

  15. R says

    Maximum Football, “if it’s in the game…..it’s in the game”.

  16. R Er says

    Legit Gridiron Football!

  17. Luis Roman says

    Can't wait to support this company once this drops. Never stop making these.

  18. 24Raby says

    GST ball looks awesome

  19. Mac Anthony says

    EVERYONE IN THE UNIVERSE: please fix MaddenEA: we hear your concerns, we are working tirelessly to get it doneAlso EA: we have answered your concernsAlso EA: We present to you, MIGOS and DJ Kaled

  20. William Coulter says

    I truly just hope that Maximum Football gets to where 2k football left off. I'm backing these guys and believe we just need more support

  21. Donovan Williams says

    And you know I’ll be back for the next video!(inmyryanvoice!)

  22. Kurt Thomas says

    Can you feel the tides changing? I can. It’s glorious.

  23. Shawn Mihok says

    Kinda like year 6 in madden 17 franchise and the announcers are referring to tyreek hill as a rookie

  24. Fxnz Outhere says

    Woah woah woah woah woah, playboy……uhhhhhhhh the intro music?????

  25. Sage Brush says

    Bro, they know the public is that stupid. Football video gaming will never change. It's over. Have you seen IDIOCRACY?

  26. Sarah Rogers says

    Hypocrite much?

  27. All life, no regrets SeLfLoVe says

    I'd like to see the refs place the ball after every play, ya know… LIKE REAL FOOTBALL! Who is crazy enough to remove refs from an NFL football game ?? E.A. SPORTS, HEY!! THE REFS ARE IN THE GAME!!

  28. FearlessFan _1 says

    That is so awesome love seeing a sports dev minus 2k that cares about small details

  29. patrick harrison says

    I’ve already decided I’m not playing madden. I’m considering maximum football this year

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