MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center Presentation (English Version)


MAYA Lifestyle Shopping Center Presentation (English Version)

“The Urban Retail Revolution” – “The Fusion Hub of Trendy Creations”

MAYA is a unique lifestyle shopping center located in the heart of Chiang Mai (Second largest city by GDP in Thailand). With a combination of Chiang Mai strong cultural heritage and cutting-edge design, MAYA Shopping center is created with a concept of “The Art of Retailtainment”.

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Thank you – Khon Khun Krub.

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  1. bernard petit says

    magnifique !!!! floor and wall color

  2. Amber Leaf says

    Unfortunately, in the better part of the year and high tourist season, Maya (as other malls in Chiang Mai) are filled with loud, pushy Chinese tourists. They turn everything into the kind of chaos they create in China. It's very stressful. They shout at their children a lot. Very violent parenting. It's impossible to enjoy a cup of coffee in Starbucks because the Chinese are always there and they are always screaming at their children, or the children are hitting the parents. There is not a minute of peace, but always some chaos and violence going on with so many Chinese around. It's terrible. In the low season most Chinese are gone, BUT the burning of crops begins, so it's a different kind of hell, because the smoke in the air is extremely toxic between February and May. Chiang Mai would be a much better place for locals and international tourism if they limited their visas to China and banned the burning that affects the whole population so negatively.

  3. Jonathan Cook says

    Yup, it shines day and night… right into my room 🙁

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