Meats That Are HEALTHY! (TOP 4)


Meat (especially red meat) gets a bad rap for being unhealthy but it is actually very nutritious! In this video we talk about some of the meats that are healthy. Find out which types of meat are healthiest. Beef? Chicken? Lamb? Pork? 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓

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0:00 Intro
1:15 Why meat is demonised
3:33 Healthiest types of meat
10:40 Pork and chicken


Top nutrient-dense foods
Zero carb food list
Best foods for weight loss


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  1. Health Coach Kait says

    What's your favourite type of meat?

  2. Phanha K says

    what vegan dont get is that there is good healthy sustainable meats and then their bad meat just like gmo fruits and veg is really bad for your health and organic non gmo is good for your health and vegan dont get that everyone can not thrive on only plants humans races have evolved differently

  3. The Blyss Catalyst says

    I don’t even know if I like liver but people’s extreme reaction to it makes me nervous to try it! 😝 I do like liver pâté though. Would that count in getting the benefits of liver?

  4. Angry Machine says

    I love pork

  5. Vanessa Christidis says

    Beef, but I love sardines too. But I can honestly say beef first sardines 2nd.

  6. Windra dyne says

    I'd like to point out a major benefit of grass fed beef over grain fed or finished, and that is that grass fed beef has DOUBLE the omega 3 content of conventional beef and a HIGHER RATIO of EPA and DHA to ALA. For this reason alone, I recommend grass fed over grain, every time.

    A good way to tell how high quality your meat is its fat colour, a nice easy visual clue. Yellow fat > White fat.

  7. Vegan Cheat Day says

    I prefer liver raw, with sauerkraut. Just a couple times a week, as you suggest.

  8. Vegan Amanda says

    You are totally misinformed. What is your educational background which you feels gives you the right to misinform people? Terrible video.

  9. Myatt Hickland says

    Oh Kait you broke me down my diet is 85% Salmon and Rotisserie Chicken I eat fried chicken maybe once a year am I going wrong with my diet lots of vegetables and only brown rice and salads.

  10. john Retro says


  11. Patrick O'Donovan says

    Another fantastic update, coach. Your insights and episodes have really helped me shape-up my lifestyle. God Bless you!

  12. myst myst says

    I view the inclusion of liver and fish here as cop-outs.. I would value your take on Venison, Elk, and Goat meats coach Kait. 👍

  13. Lol Home says

    Kait your looking great…. 👍

  14. Ross Westmore says

    We need to run hard advertising extolling the huge benefits of meat.
    Screw what the vegans & vego’s believe, most of them are too far gone to change.

  15. Red Richard says

    One thing you didn't mention is the Omega-3 content of grass fed beef is higher than grain fed. US Wellness meats has grass fed meats,too. I think their 55/45% fat ground beef is the tastiest out of all the grass fed ground beef sold online and in supermarkets.

  16. Jackie Camilleri says

    Hi Kait how is it you pack THE most valuable information in a under 10 minute video your info is like your picking my brain for the real info I need I even created a playlist just for you…You Tube she needs a award!

  17. Corey Rene says

    I love pork belly

  18. Courtney Shoemaker says

    Know and Support your local family farm's like Garland Farms and me Red Dirt farm. 🐷🥓🐮🥩

  19. dallas kelly says

    I am a truck driver so our options are limited (to say the least). but what is your opinion on eggs. I, as well as most of my fellow drivers, have microwaves and eggs are easy and cheap to cook. I limit myself to only 20-25 carbs per day. thanks

  20. Boon Doggle says

    Thank you! Before I even learned about the nutrient profile of pork and chicken and how it’s impacted by the corn and soy diets that they’re fed, I largely minimized them in my diet once I started healthy keto and intermittent fasting, just because I prefer the taste of other meats. I’ve had huge success improving my health and body composition eating mostly wild caught salmon, tuna and sardines, as well as beef, liver and lamb.

  21. Ivy says

    My health is fully back and I'm at the end of my journey. 😊It was a short journey consisting only of a mild b12 and omega 3 deficiency but I'm really grateful for my experience. I only went vegetarian for a week. I considered the lifestyle for months but only actually tried it for a week. So many people actually went months eating no meat and had to recover from it. I'm lucky.

    I had a diet of mostly pizza,burgers,snacks etc and since I had a ton of energy and wasn't gaining weight I thought I was fine. Not so. Even with the heavily meat and cheese laden pizzas I was eating, it wasn't't nearly the amount of B12 I'd get from regularly eating steaks and liver like I used to.

    I also know now that it is imperative that I continue to eat my salmon and tuna. I'm very grateful to have found what works for me so young. Thanks Kait for informing me of a lot that I didn't know and needed to know,
    confirming what I already knew and being a voice of reason amongst the silliness. My journey ends here but I'll still pop in occasionally just because I like your vibe and I want to check up on you and drop a few comments. Bye!🤗

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