Meek Mill, D.L. Hughley On Kanye West's Mental Health


After Meek Mill denied having an affair with Kim Kardashian and D.L. Hughley weighed in on Kanye West’s mental state, Sangita Patel and Graeme O’Neil react during “ET Canada Live”.

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  1. Jack Givens says

    They don't have the basis of background in mental disorder to speak on Kanye but they both have solid opinions about him and he really doesn't go after people who can bring him controversy..only weak little folks..or the ones who don't get mad..

  2. Trish Leon says

    Kim gives woman a bad name. Kanye get a good Dr and a good divorce attorney!

  3. Honokaa Hawaii says

    He’s crazy and in denial.

  4. Colorful Animations says

    Not to mention, there are plenty of other celebrities who have bipolar disorder like Mike Tyson, Demi Levato, Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, etc. and they don't do the things that Kanye does.

  5. Aleezah Anava says

    D.L. comes across as bitter in his comments sometimes. Unless you really know someone, it's difficult to understand. He was pretty harsh in his judgement of Kanye, and it's not the first time. I have a close relative who is bipolar and it is extremely painful to witness when they are having an episode.

  6. Bill Burr says

    wut a nutbar

  7. Business lady says

    As a person who suffers with mental health. Not everyone suffers with the same mental health and if they do , their syptoms can be very different.

  8. Erika Dale says

    Kanye is a victim of mind control. Kim K is his Handler. The corruption and deception runs deep people! Time to wise up!

  9. Erika Dale says

    Ask DL Hughly and Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer about how they participated in the death of Bernie Mac. Spoiler alert, it had to do with human cloning centers.

  10. felecia Williams says

    Kanye West don't have no bipolar Kanye West is trying to use the public to make a mockery out of a mental ill people because he's not just Manic all the time and don't have lows he's full of s*** that's what he is and you need to stop allowing him to be on TV .I'm sick and tired looking at him when I have a mental ill person living this real life.

  11. Rita Daniels says

    Just because he got matle problem don’t mean that he is sick why are they thinking like that about Kanye for now. I can understand his problem but that doesn’t mean that he so sick ? on way that he will be so sick like that for now.

  12. Rita Daniels says

    May be it’s a problem with both of them so it’s more than what everybody are thinking about.

  13. Bradley Nauman says

    Who is Meek Mill?

  14. Zn Nik says

    Just because Kanye act crazy , it doesnt mean things he talks about is not true. I think any one will get crazy with people with that life style . That family are all about money . They drink and eat and move for money. Who can live with somebody which is under make up treatment 24/7. Even their body is like cartoon ! Come on who has that kind of butt and that small waist !? All those fake make up, fake hair, fake voice . I am tired of all these

  15. Randall Degroat says

    If Kanye hasn’t been wrong, I would be offended. I’m understand not liking the way of a message and also not liking the messenger. When it comes to his personal life comments, I don’t care, I don’t know, and don’t GAF! But, sharing his selfishness and lack of understanding when it can to his child, was beautifully painful and needed. We recklessly use our and others bodies and have no concern about the lives we help create. Not speaking of all, those who struggle with the issue along any lines. Especially young and older Black Men for that matter with children out here already.As far as Harriet Tubman.. Look! If Jim Crow didn’t happen until 1870’s Civil Rites in 1954. When in the HELL do people consider us to have been free. Indentured servitude.. unless your a Brit ?? and family has been serving Royalty for ages.. I don’t believe that shit was exactly an honor. Was it better than prior conditions.. I don’t know but I can imagine many believed so. But it’s literally called SERVITUDE??‍♂️ Synonymous to… Slavery, Captivity, bondage. Oh, but it was indentured servitude so, I guess I have synonyms for freedom cofused??‍♂️Stop being so dam emotional and ready to be on the popular side and listen and think sometimes before making a final judgement. Ok to judge, only natural. But don’t let it make you an ASs.Momma Harriet did a Heroic deed and is forever loved and cherished. But the raw truth is truth, no matter how it’s delivered.

  16. William Holland says

    Dam y'all act like the man wasn't in a bad ass car crash SMH POEPLE quick to judge ….

  17. William Holland says

    D. L need to fall back and take care what he got going on doing show sick SMH keep him over there Please

  18. Darryl Hayes Hayes says

    Hey Jada came clean I doubt if Meek ever will…4 years ago yet he can’t do worst than DT( 45 )

  19. Daughter OfZion says

    So much talk on Kanye and his Bi-Polar behavior!Let's address his wife's filthy behavior, and the family of Witches she came from.. At least Kanye have an excuse, however! What excuse for them, and they're Rachetness.Being married into a wicked family, isn't easy.. All they think about is money. And Kim would diffently sleep with a snake if the price was right. Kris has taught her well. This is what is eating at Kanye. He discovered what and who they are.. FrKanye will never get better until he get far away from those Wicked Witches.. They ruine every man they come in contact with. Period! Stop speaking about Kim as if she's an angel, with her filthy sex tape behind. Run Kanye run.

  20. Jesse Vee says

    What a joke this loser is!!!

  21. Nina Biniji says

    ???????? This is sad….Lord keep me sane.

  22. jan mason says

    What?? You do know the situation. A grown man goes on Twitter, tweeting like a 13 year old teenage boy, disrespects his wife and family by publicly revealing their private family issues. He just needs to stop and he should be judged for that. You cannot name anyone else who has continuously displayed publicly this type of nonsense. DL Hughley is spot on.

  23. Simon R says

    Why people cant see that he is using his bipolar every time he wants to promote something. I find that disgusting. I know that he didn't make good music since 2007 but it's wrong to sell music in this way.

  24. Ashley G. says

    He is running for president so he is free real estate. He can hide behind his mental health changes when the current stable genius is out of office and the plot-holes that got him there to begin with are plugged.

  25. Eli Sweetheart says

    I’m not a Dr. and not claiming to be just an observation. Narcissism is also a real mental illness.Can be treated through counseling. I dont believe they drug the person up. Maybe this needs to be what Kanye talks about? Covered up with bipolar I don’t know. Possibly both? It is very unfortunate to get no help but turn around and want to run our country. Scary.

  26. kathy gomez says

    STOP labelling people because of their point of view.Bipolar !!! I once read a study for my psy class and it was based on Saint and insaint.Why Why he needs a doctor's really did he hurt someone did he he spoke on his personal experience to bring awareness to abortion and now he is Crazy.STOP

  27. O Fasho 5150 says

    You see how they don't want to admit that they send people to war and break them and then don't help them when they come back

  28. Rosemary Katthofer says

    People think it is easy to just wants to sick help, people with Mental health issues sometimes does not even know that something is wrong with them except his family step in and do intervention for them.

  29. Yvonne Pingleton says

    What does kanye do for anyone else! I'm asking. Me, I don't have the means or clout to do much, but I do some.

  30. Yvonne Pingleton says

    People, stop enabling this fool!

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