Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok Ep.95 | Douyin China | Chinese Girls Are Beautiful | Viable Fashion


Mejores Street Fashion Tik Tok Ep.95 | Douyin China | Chinese Girls Are Beautiful | Viable Fashion.

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  1. Multi Vitamin says

    Hey asian girls lurking here, I just wanted to say that this is the way we westerners see every asian girl, perfect and flawless, so don't get your confidence sink ✌️

  2. Taesthetic says

    They all look like they had a ton of plastic surgery lol. Regular Chinese people don't look like that

  3. увидимся позже says

    0:10 what's song?

  4. Aji Carlisle says

    Pretending not to know the cameraman

  5. sumire T says

    皆同じ顔や((( ;゚Д゚)))

  6. ZEHRA ELVAR says


  7. Ritu Mishra says

    8:32 song name please

  8. River Flows in You says

    So many fashion oh my freaking god ? they look beautiful

  9. plo ob says

    So basically majority of china are models.Wowww and here i thought i was fashionable ???

  10. Ayumi Febrianti Azima Putri says

    Their legs are longer than my life.

  11. All Thing Faves says

    First girl looked like Lisa

  12. Gifted Introvert says

    And them 2 guys @1:56 ?The girls are pretty in here

  13. Fitri Ani says

    is it really their long legs or is it a douyin filter

  14. AM Jabami says

    Thats why i love chinese coz of thier looks and a model body figure, skinny but pretty

  15. betzasaya says

    Dios son muy flacas :s

  16. Miss Brookes says

    Unpopular opinion, but if you’re insecure, then please just don’t watch these videos. These girls are not trying to make you feel insecure. That’s just how you feel and you should stay off of media. Another thing is that no. These girls are not mixed. I’m tired of seeing comments about how much they wanna look Caucasian. Not everyone’s tryna be white

  17. Nancy Boro btsarmy says

    I will never go there especially this place cause I will be like a caw walking beside them ??

  18. All about the Kpop says

    It’s kinda disgusting to read the comments saying why don’t they have a ?. Different countries have different beauty standards. In a lot of Asian countries the beauty standard is being white and skinny. While in others it’s being tan and thick ?‍♀️

  19. All about the Kpop says

    Wow having slim legs really makes one look taller ?

  20. Nikki Storm says

    They are cute but I feel the beauty standards are too low..Skinny nd pale is not beauty Do they starve themselves to maintain the body???

  21. Skymine Wang says

    guys just want to remind you guys a lot of these videos are filter so some may be creating super skinnny and super long oeg image. Pls don't compare your beautiful self to other people. Every body shape is beautiful. So pls don't compare yourself to people in the video. THEY ARE FILTERS FOR LONG SKINNY LEGS AND BODY.

  22. JhonAndEden Forever says

    Watching this to have outfit ideas to wear here in the Philippines ??

  23. 7esseanime says

    Day 4 of 10 day fast, some day I'll be this skinny. Everything just looks so elegant on them. Still a long way to go, but with fasting and healthy eating, I'll get there.

  24. Mia Music says

    Everybody look like they have anorexia, but with pretty hair. It look ugly when is someone too slim. They looks like sick. No hate

  25. taekook vkook says

    Por dios q flacura :v

  26. Harumi Ortiz says

    Comose llama la canción de 1:58??

  27. Amber V.A. says

    Those legs ??

  28. Niro Graphics says

    La ropa muy padre, pero las mujeres super delgadas, no han de comer nada,.que mal, lo que hacen por verse como las demás.

  29. Anis Sofiya says

    I don't wanna be more and more insecure hm

  30. Imran hossain says

    Have to reborn , to meet up the beauty standard.LOL Sad but true.???

  31. Heya FindFun says

    If they paid people to record them but greet them as if they were fans/strangers that would be very cringy

  32. 현아김 says

    they look like rotten skeletons???

  33. Phillip Cortez says

    99% of them looks white western mixed, that’s not healthy for teens to see. Not even gonna mention the fake legs.

  34. Esmeralditomoony Prishka says

    Merkel hapesir mall kur provoja ajo kudo ti ???

  35. Sirine Ayoubi says

    6:55 song ???

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