1. paciferal says

    I guess what they say is true. Youtube comments are a collection of the worst people in the world saying the dumbest shit. Shit. I just wrote a youtube comment.

  2. joshua escobar says

    That ball was very bouncy or the turf was weird

  3. Big Daddy J says

    Worst vid ever

  4. Terry Ryan says

    im 8 years old

  5. Terry Ryan says

    im i soccer player im playing to day

  6. RecklezCrane says

    Wtf is thisThere all fat

  7. EXRAE GT says

    do we need shinguards for indoor soccer? I'm starting on Tuesday.

  8. kevin garcia says

    dam they suck

  9. David Heaton says

    world class futbol.. lmfao

  10. Hammster69 says

    Wow, it's amazing that in this great information age in which anyone can upload anything (like this), people are always in a rush to jump onto the comments sections to proclaim how misinformed they still are.  Sad.

  11. XJasmynx says

    I bet my team can beat that team and were u14 ?✋

  12. Luis Camacho says

    the old guy is pretty good for his age

  13. Abdel dswyft says

    If Americans suck at Futbol, what does it matter? We like to play for fun, now a days to play a sport you have to be "good". Half of the people that are talking crap about Americans are probably worse. I never knew we had to be professionals to have fun. Idiots.

  14. msuniga18 says


  15. Frank Johnson says

    Some shitty defending

  16. Alex C says

    U guys need to stop eating McDonald's

  17. LtLegit1567 says

    Orange team sucks

  18. Johan lake says

    man vs woman?

  19. Isabella Wojcik says

    This sucked

  20. dacoop2 says

    I wonder how much the refs are being paid. Bet they don't even break a sweat!

  21. Bojan Antonijevic says

    war veterans ?

  22. Bojan Antonijevic says

    lol.. Who ask for your help and when ?

  23. antonio calderon says

    no offense just saying

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