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Thank you so much for checking out my first video on the channel! I know it’s a little rough around the edges, but please keep in mind that I am not used to Gacha and it’s not my main source of editing/ content. Also, if you could not tell…this video is for RosyClozy! I love this girl so so so much and she is the sweetest bean ever! I put a lot of weird jokes in here so please excuse my lack of humor ahah! Anyway be sure to check out the credits down below~

Social Media:

Voice Actors in order they appear:

Luke (Mark Lee):
Twitter/Instagram: @Mark_is_Lee

Sean (DataDaveTV):

Drew (DoshVO):
Instagram: @doshvoice

Zander (Robert Cossyleon):

Milly (Charlie Rowen):

Zoey (RoniX):

Hailey (VeeahBee!)

Liam (Alanon):

Henry (Adam New):

Jake (The Peach God):

Garby (Elliot):




Biscuit by Lukrembo:

Branch by Lukrembo:

Omae wa mou instrumental

Vocaloid end song by my friend his links:

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  1. RosyClozy says

    sobbing ? this is the single most sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me!! Thank you Rai, Bear and all of my wonderful VAs for doing this for me and all the ridiculous kind messages, I really really don't deserve it. I'll have to watch this every single morning now to give me all the motivation I need:')I love you Rai! ?

  2. Mia Matute says

    Bro it’s so weird seeing Zander smile and compliment someone ???

  3. LilChubby says

    if your humor is bad then mine is horriblecoughs coughslove the vid ; w ;

  4. Jescily Charm Acapulco says

    When robert said blood sweat and tears I immediately thought of BTS oh my goshhh!!! ??

  5. •{ Funtime_Funcrime}• says

    That was Awesome!!!!

  6. Rody Wael123 says

    Tae-joon: DISCLAIMER !! I am NOT A GACHATUBERMe: Idrc I'll sub!! (Btw I love RosyClozy aswell, and congratz Rosy ily!! ❤️)

  7. Cookie bear& Potato wolf says

    The last time i checked rosy's subs it was on 501k she is amazing really

  8. Layla gacha and friends says

    Happy 600k rosy we are proud and your the best!

  9. Lovely Liv Gachas says

    Oh hey rosy this is jake from State Farm- I mean the music freaks

  10. M a e says

    I swear, this is just the bestttttt thing I've ever seen I'm crying I-

  11. •Mochii• says

    This is soo nice of you!!But wow 32.3KFor 1 video that's how nice people think you are but you deserve 100M

  12. stitchy world says

    Nobody Me: I didn’t know that zander’s voice was so loudThis is a joke comment plz don’t hate me

  13. Xx GâxhaBêrryWėîrdø xX says

    -Zander is a whole different person-Wha-MIND BLOWN

  14. Ha? HÃKDØG says

    sniffs me looking at Jake's part G to the A Y—

  15. • L O V A B L E • says

    i- I’m not used to Zander not being edgy- help-

  16. xaleneyy \ story writing says

    Roni, Garby and Adam's voices when they're out of character is like HUGEEE CONTRAST clap, clap

  17. Jewell Malificiar says

    I thought this was dollar store deku ??

  18. chaime eszh lauronilla says

    i was on the live chat and i was being annoying so u guys can notice me

  19. Gollden 273 says


  20. Gayathri Revada says

    You: Saying all em boys are hotMe:I think I have a crush on Zander…

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