1. Byju Joseph says

    Charlie just score a conversion

  2. كومؤاحؤama Sarkawt says

    حست ليا

  3. Sonali Athawale says

    Congrats for 25 million views

  4. Soham Kakar says

    Nice Rolando jersey Harry

  5. Sammy Ortiz says


  6. Obakeng Modipa says

    Your shirt of christiano ronaldo is spelt wrong 🙅

  7. Joe Mathew says

    Lionel Messi ❤️❤️

  8. harley 2.0 says

    Is it just me who saw the rolando on Ronald's back 🤔

  9. Legends On Fire says

    U w2s guys r shooting really good😎👍👍

  10. Jonas Teigum says

    who watch this in 2020

  11. Master gamer Brothers says

    3:20 OMG

  12. L GEE GAMING says

    How is watching this in 2020

  13. Besnik Metaj says


  14. Besnik Metaj says

    You’re Richt

  15. Khalik Wasim IRAQ says


  16. sha47ul says

    harry waring like ronaldo not rolando

  17. Felson says

    3:52 rolando?

  18. Pinkie Plays says

    Like if you’re favourite player is messi

  19. Owen Bungei says

    I just loved theo's free kick men

  20. Guido Martinez Cucchiara says

    Alguien que hable español??

  21. Jeremaih Goedhoop says



  22. panther jojo says


  23. Antu Martinez says

    Que golazo

  24. kratos YT says

    Team ronaldo go and cloklimg you flexin

  25. Mateo Gojcaj says


  26. Jake Pacacha says

    thats the most boring thing ive seen in my life -harry, then he does the exact same thing

  27. Jen Akhter says


  28. Charles Lovell says

    Who else saw gib at 4 41

  29. los pro del free fire says

    El único que habla español?

  30. Billy R65R56R says

    Guys did you notice in 1:11 anything?
    Purple goalkeeper s shirt says rolando instead of Ronaldo

  31. Zhenya Gymon says


  32. Juan Macias says

    GOAT 🐐

  33. Juan Macias says

    never gets old seeing soccer challenges from the best youtubers in the world

  34. Smx Blade says

    Are we gonna ignore that Harry has Rolando on the back of his shirt

  35. Thomas Plesa says

    Whos watching in 2020 did anyonr realize that his shirt says rolando instead of ronaldo

  36. Vatma36301638 22301639 says


  37. Jonatan Rus says

    In the shirt of Harry, ir sais Rolando instead of Ronaldo

  38. Youness Games says


  39. Zoe Mowbray says


  40. Alexander Stott says

    MrSickFinish entered the chat

  41. Nokia Person says

    Ronaldo wearing adidas?

  42. إمبراطور الانمي says

    في عرب هنا ولا انا داخل بالغلط 😂

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