Mi Stick Android TV – Tiny Xiaomi TV Streaming Stick with Android 9


Find it on Banggood – (affiliate link) – The Mi Stick is an entry-level 1080p streaming stick device running Android 9. It’s probably the smallest and least expensive stick I’ve seen so far running the Android TV OS. See more streaming devices: and subscribe!

00:00 – Intro
00:41 – Price
00:53 – Hardware Overview
01:20 – Is it better than the Mi Box?
02:24 – System Specs
02:45 – Connectivity
02:57 – Remote Control
03:32 – Interface & Navigation Performance
04:35 – Netflix Demo
05:01 – Google Assistant
05:27 – Universal Search
06:08 – Chromecasting
07:16 – Android Games
07:54 – Emulation
08:40 – Game Streaming
09:21 – Live TV : Live Channels / HDHomerun
11:19 – Plex
12:51 – Conclusion

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  1. Hari Kalay says

    I bought one one of these on offer, just to add a little smart capability to an old dumb tv in the bedroom. 1 GB doesn't sound good, but it should handle basic netflix and youtube (i hope)…with a bit of plex.

  2. Karel Jansens says

    It's Chinese, so fsck 'em.

  3. Alan Clarke says

    Not that special, cheap but limited and slow, I would stick to the firestick 4k, much better performance, and I have the Chromecast support on my Nvidia shield, but I guess if you not got either it may be worth it, but if there's a 4k version of it coming out,I think people should wait.

  4. Shoot Da Club Up says

    Xiaomi should have never released this device in the first place. How could they compete when the Firestick 4K is always going on sale around that same price the Mi Stick cost? And if you're lucky you can get the Firestick 4K lower priced than that. Xiaomi is putting out crap.

  5. DonkeyKong says

    I heard there was a 4k version of this stick also but they decided to release the 1080p version first

  6. Troy Bandy says

    Can you choose 480p as the resolution. I would like to hook it up to my Pioneer head unit but it's on 480p.

  7. Cris says

    Does it have spotify in google play ?

  8. Maico Sertorio says

    Does its remote can wake up the TV? If so, via HDMI CEC, infrared por both?And what about its volume control?I really like to use one remote to rule them all and I really like those small bluetooth remotes.

  9. unixtan says

    Not sure why Xiaomi release this. The Mi Box S has the same chipset but with an additional USB port, 2gb ram and supports 4K for less than $10 more.

  10. philip dias says

    Lacks 4k. Would go mi box s

  11. Victor Miring`u says

    I prefer the mi box s.

  12. zhaquiri says

    Honestly? Just buy the Xiaomi Mi TV Box S 4K, which has 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM. The price difference is just around $20 more. 1GB RAM on Android is just not doable, trust me. That Android TV home screen will lag like hell with only 1GB RAM, especially if you let the "live content" from different apps display.

  13. Bobby Danka says

    Lon! Very in depth and high quality review.But I'm calling shenanigans!! Why does this Android TV device get a pass on not having lossless audio etc while the Tivo stick was lambasted for it?

  14. Dennis ROX says

    1 gb device in mid 2020 Okay xiaomi.

  15. Slappy McPhee says

    Once you experience the shield TV everything else just ends up being junk. I get into a debate with a guy earlier this week about the same exact thing even if you're only using it for Plex. I just truly feel that the benefits pay for themselves even if you're only using it for media streaming like Plex, YouTube TV, FuboTV, etc. A lot of people like to talk about how much they like the Roku stuff however to me it's just garbage and I completely loath their remote. These Chinese companies just cannot seem to manage to match the quality of US companies. I find this extremely interesting especially since a lot of US manufacturing is actually done in China or with Chinese components. It's pretty much like the mindset for these Chinese companies are let's turn out as much garbage as we can as cheap as we can to make the largest profit margin as we can and not care about their clientele in the least.

  16. Professional Commenter says

    Buying Chinese tat is one thing, spreading it to potentially hundreds of thousands of unwitting people is another.Understand that if you use these Chinese devices the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has the power to force the manufacturer into handing over any/all of your personal data that the device has collected and logged.No YouTuber, reviewer, or otherwise can promote Xiaomi, Huawei, etc, with a clear conscience.

  17. AndroidPurity says

    Less than 2GB of RAM is a deal breaker on Android TV. The Android TV is too advanced for that little RAM. Google better put 2GB in their Android TV dongle coming out soon.

  18. Linked Designs says

    Thanks for answering my question regarding Chromecast CEC support! Looks like like I'll just wait for Google's codename "Sabrina" dongle for my second TV.

  19. Ying Xiang Tan says

    Great review!

  20. Gonzalo Sebastian Alvarez says

    Great review as usual!! Do you know if I can control the android interface using the TV's remote control through hdmi-cec?

  21. Victor Norris says

    Lon, I have been a subscriber for quite some time and enjoy your content. What would you recommend for a great sound bar, with powered sub connectivity and high quality audio format/codec capabilities? Thank you, V

  22. Garry North says

    With a otg cable you could add ethernet and extra usb hubs allowing extra storage.

  23. j H says

    Lon what would you say is better The Mi stick or The FireTv stick

  24. Michael Barba says

    Hi love these review's!

  25. just a normal kid says


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