Mi TV Stick Review: Xiaomi's most portable Android TV Media Player with Chromecast!


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Looking for portable AndroidTV solution that is also affordable? The new Mi TV Stick by Xiaomi seems to be the perfect solution to always carry with you your favorite content. Supporting Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many other streaming services, it is one of the very few certified TV sticks with Android TV;
The built in Google Chromecast lets you stream directly from your smartphone; And so much more: gaming, Youtube, music playback, movies;

How does the Mi TV Stick handle daily tasks and performs in real-life situations – make sure to watch our dedicated video review!


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  1. Cris says

    Spotify can be installed ?

  2. Hellcat M says

    You should test out xCloud and Nvidia Gforce Now game streaming to see if that works. Especially with the controller.

  3. CallMeRabbitzUSVI says

    Only 1080p is a deal breaker for me

  4. alihar00n says

    Very well described

  5. datvunika says

    if you plug it in an ordinary tv in a random hotel will it work for streaming from my mobile phone?

  6. shif meister says

    Can you download unknown apps like the firestick ?

  7. Mr. Dragon says

    For the money I would just get the Mi Box S, it plays 4k very well and comes with batteries for the remote and an HDMI in the box. All for $49.00

  8. Andy Monkey says

    Fire stick 4k is still better sadly. I was hoping xiaomi would build a much better product than amazon's stick but this has kind of disappointed

  9. Revelation Genesis says

    Is it like a mouse? Like from the lg remote?

  10. jjcoolaus says

    What's the game with the red car he was playing?

  11. Reserch Statistic says

    what is the difference between Xiaomi android tv box and mi tv sitck?

  12. Nahid Chowdhury says

    if it has an sd card slot it would be great

  13. Beth, YM Leong says

    Once i press netflix will it come up with netflix interface for me to logon n then select my fave shows to stream? but the cooling part seems bit scary, do i need to take notes of having a usb fan somewhere near to this stick? N once inserted I suppose it will auto search n ask to setup wifi (coz its password protected n i suppose it should be easy enuf to scan for a nearby wifi without adding it using perhaps the remote)? Now that I come to this, how the heck am i going to enter password onto my TV with this stick to access my netflix?

  14. Ronnarong Wongmalasit says

    Can it connect to wifi hot spot that require login authentication before connect to internet? I have problem with hotel that alway need to login which it is a deal breaker for Chromecast for me.

  15. mr.baxter baxter says

    Just 1GB Ram is much to little

  16. David Pastanella says

    Nice vid. Does it work with hotels WiFi?

  17. Javier Araneda says

    Hi, i was wondering if you can connect a bluetooth headset?

  18. Adam Owski says

    Can you connect Ethernet adapter to it?

  19. Ivo De Niro says

    Bought one for my projector. Waiting to receive it.

  20. Vince Paul Dela Cruz says

    Comparison with Mi TV Box S? Lags and performance? What it can handle or not? thanks

  21. Canal Joelzinho says

    Br alguém

  22. Monita D V says

    I just bought one of these, to take in the caravan, they don't tell you this but the netflix and prime apps do not allow downloads so you can watch it later when you have no network signal. There is no option to download at all so don't bother buying this stick. I am pretty angry about it, as I have an android box at home that can download netflix videos, my tab and my phone can do it but this stick doesn't. Waste of money for me. I am extremely pissed off too. ??????????????????????

  23. Veer Maharaj says

    For 10 dollars less than a mibox s…. I'd rather spend that extra 10 and get that full size usb port.

  24. Innocent says

    Can you run a browser and surfing?

  25. kevin lane says

    Glad to see the stick, remote and packaging looks nothing like an amazon firestick lol

  26. WOT Time says

    I've had one of these for a few days now and whilst it gets warm (hottish even), I haven't had any restarts as yet. admittedly, I haven't pushed it with graphics intensive games (but will try).What firmware are you on? Did you do the update (654.3MB) before testing?

  27. Wayne Leong says

    Could you do a comparison with this versus the Chromecast?

  28. Claude Tartour says

    Is it possible to connect the stick to à simple PC monitor (without the PC) and have sont uns from the monitor's speakers or to à Jack connected headphone ?

  29. satya T says

    prime 4k stick is powerful, stable and better in data privacy than Xiaomi

  30. james bucsis says

    1 gig of ram . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ..why

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