Microsoft Surface Duo Review


Lisa Gade reviews the Microsoft Surface Duo, a dual screen folding Android phone that’s more innovative and enjoyable than you might expect. The Duo has 360 degree hinges and 2 OLED PixelSense 5.6” 1800 x 1350 displays that can be used individually or open as an 8.1” tablet. You can use 2 apps at a time and flick them front one screen to another, or span both displays. This is the thinnest smartphone on the market at 4.8mm (9.9mm closed). It works with the Surface Pen and Surface Slim pen and uses MPP (aka N-Trig) technology, so the Galaxy Note isn’t the only active pen smartphone option anymore. It has an 11MP camera, 4G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 and a GPS. It runs Android 10 on the Snapdragon 855 and is available with 128 or 256GB storage. It’s compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile (and thus Sprint) and Verizon. Microsoft sells it unlocked and there’s an AT&T locked model. Pricing starts at $1,399, and like Samsung and Apple, Microsoft has a trade in program to help offset the price.

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  1. Stansla Michael says

    You can't sell Premium price phone/tablet with a potato for a camera.

  2. Muaadeeb says

    I bought the duo and I love it.

  3. cruelty83 says

    Great review. You are the best.

  4. D M says

    No HP jack??

  5. D M says

    This is innovating, something Apple used to care about.


    Lisa long time no see waiting for your wonderful review – for first generation product looks great – Microsoft finally got it right

  7. kla jess says

    well not bad review, but you forgot to show my phone the lg g8x dual screen,would be great to see it next to the fold2 and surface duo,because it ist the best of those 3 and its 700 $ ,,i love my lg g8x dual screen,

  8. g0ldenb0y says

    This product is the stupidest idea ever.

  9. Okey Ezeilo says

    Finally, a phone for the business executive…

  10. Zerria W says

    The screen design looks like from 10 years ago. Go check the Huawei and Samsung fold phones.

  11. Foxy Feet says

    for me something like google pixel 4 thats $350 is more than plenty, i have iphone xr, what a waist of money this fake high tech thats more fragile than trump ego and last shorther than fruit fly. ive been idiot who buys this garbage tech for too long, pointless items thats all what it is.

  12. Chac Mool says

    Sorry – too expensive for what it offers.

  13. Gothboi K says

    When she said let's have a moment of silence about the 6gig of ram I died😂

  14. David Wellman says

    Android on a Microsoft product is a non-starter for me. I'd been a Windows Mobile user since 6.0. I hold a grudge for how things ended.

  15. CEE NOTE says

    Wait she said Microsoft developers shouldn’t worry about updating their apps to accommodate this phone due to the 2 screens because their not going to sell millions of units. If I spend $1,500+ on a phone I expect them to update their apps for my phone!!!!!!

  16. OutdoorSurvivalShop says

    total game changer when it comes to phones! Also is compatible with the surface pen!

  17. Paul Martin says

    This constant push for companies to make the 'first' thing at all costs is just so pathetic.

  18. says

    I wish the bezels didnt look so much like the iPhone before the notch.

  19. says

    The t shirt is really cool! 👍😅

  20. Patrick Chapman says

    Have to say I have been impressed with MS Surface line up over recent years. This is definitely innovative and would be a great sketchpad phone combination for me. But that gap and poor camera at that price are probably deal breakers. Hopefully they will develop the product into something that has more pros and less cons eventually.

  21. Tim22 OR Ss says

    What's better than selling one phone ….selling two phones in one ..ohh yea

  22. Tanzimul Islam says

    Loved your review. Totally unbiased and open minded, unlike other reviewers. You just got my sub! Keep it up.

  23. vernel v says

    i really like your videos when it comes to tech review. very concise and understandable

  24. Nik_CCC says

    Was waiting for this comparison. I'm not on the folding/dual screen phone bandwagon yet, but I can definitely see myself jumping on in a couple of years. Think the Duo is more for me as I use mainly email and MS Office and it looks better for productivity. Certainly ATM, the Fold is the more finished product, but I hope the next gen or two of the Duo will make it worth the high price. The Fold 2 is a huge improvement over the first gen, so I hope Microsoft learns just as quickly for future Duos.

  25. ali kerim erkan says

    The ugliest and the most useless device from microsoft. Uglier than vista, more useless than internet explorer. If anybody can find a unique idea for that device s/he can be the most succesful youtuber on earth.

  26. Jay Hunter says

    How is the pen latency compared to the ipad?

  27. artie scott says

    I can't see this doing well as a smartphone mostly because most of us carries our phones in our pockets or clipped to our side and the duo is too large for any of that.

  28. Care Bear says

    I think people are ignoring the fact that you could just buy two inexpensive phones and use them at the same time, one app on each phone. Or you could buy ten Motorola phones for the price of this thing.

  29. JimmyL121 says

    Great video as always Lisa!I highly doubt it since no reviewer has mentioned it but need to ask…Does this have an always-on display (with it flipped 180-degrees)? If I'm at my desk (stationary in general), I'd like to see if I have any notifications (it's on silent when on conference calls & what not) without having to open/touch it. Yes, I know there's that peek feature but not the same thing.

  30. Daniel Baker says

    Great review, thanks!!

  31. Jared Brunet says

    @mobiletechreview where can I get that wallpaper at @9:22?

  32. MΛX says

    Great review, this t-shirt is really awful though.

  33. Erhardt says

    Well…It looks so cool 😎

  34. Devon Cowherd says

    This is the kind of phone that is actually WORTH the early adopter fee of $1300+ because it's so innovative. 🙂

  35. René Seeder says

    Wow, Lisa positive about Microsoft! A reason to buy!

  36. Curtis Joseph says

    That t-shirt wins

  37. Marshall Evans says

    What a fair and balanced review! I appreciate your objectivity!

  38. Joshua Rotimi says

    First Surface Duo review I didnt play on 2x. Just love how she breaks stuff down with actual relatable/useful info

  39. stevestojan says

    I bought it. Hated the lag, etc. I was ready to return it. Then I found that the use case shouldn’t be as my daily driver. I’ve instead replaced my work phone with it. Having Teams on the top screen and work email on the bottom (when flipped) is awesome. When I want to shoot a text to my friends, or check Twitter, my iPhone is fine. But for work, I can see the potential here. Thanks for a review that didn’t just bash it, Lisa.

  40. Skeptoptimist says

    I'll use my Duo as a Surface tablet 96% of the time and making phone calls 4% of the time. Is my Duo then still a mobile phone, or a Surface that happens to also be able to make phone calls?

  41. Stephen Pollen says

    This is a real "Marmite" product amongst the tech nerd reviewers, they either love it and see it as a new and exciting form factor to explore, or they are Apple/Samsung fanboys/shills and they hate it

  42. Alfred Nutile says

    Great work on review!

  43. Kendy Louwaars says

    I don't like the terms "tent mode" and "presentation mode" when they tried to market laptops like that. Its gimmicky at best. I can kinda see the use for it, when you're eating behind your laptop and the keyboard part is kinda in the way, but that's about as useful as it gets. You actually kinda look like a douche of you're presenting something and put it tent mode.

  44. Gabriel Tataru says

    @Lisa : end of the show – 5 second t-shirt merch … u would have a smashing success 🙂

  45. Gabriel Tataru says

    This review convinced me to give it a try … thank you for the best review I’ve seen of the device

  46. Aaron Farnsworth says

    Love the Mad Minion shirt with the Pursuit Special.

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