Microsoft Surface Duo review: double troubles


The Surface Duo – Microsoft is back into the phone game with its own Android device. It’s a two-screened folding phone that runs all of Microsoft’s best apps. But making the device so thin and spending so much time on development means that there are some compromises. In this review, Dieter Bohn looks at the camera, the software, and the hardware.

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0:00 Intro
0:43 What’s the big idea?
2:05 Duo duel
3:41 Not so good things
5:06 Hardware
6:44 Software
8:16 Bugs
9:58 Remember when
11:18 Outro

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  1. The Verge says

    Do you think Microsoft can compete with other Android folding phones?

  2. The Tinker says

    That multitasking lag…It happens sometimes on my Pixel3A too. e.g. open app A, open app B, swipe to app A… app shows up a second and disappeared, and I can see my desktop. Then I'll have to hit the home button, go to desktop, then swipe up to bring out my task view and and launch my app from there.So… could be an Android Pie issue in general?

  3. Mindful Chase says

    Dayum, Verge video production is getting as top as it used to be!!! (Remember that?) Keep it up

  4. Alan Arnold says

    I'm using my duo right now, writing this review and attending a PTA meeting. I have use it as it was intended to be used. I also got the gestures working. I'm not using to replace my camera. Given the pandemic I haven't had time to leisurely take photos. However, for the past two days, I've only had to open my computer once.I feel like becoming a reviewer myself, because most of the reviewers have missed the mark terribly. If you are in a business setting and use the Microsoft ecosystem and zoom, etc. This device has made my life so much easier. If you want to have another phone that has 3-5 cameras to create content. This is NOT the device for you.I could do a real review. Mkb, @unboxtherapy and others have all got it wrong.

  5. Alex Wolowiecki says

    I sure hope Lauren Goode is getting royalty checks!

  6. Fayez Als says

    it's like an two ipad minis… I like it

  7. Cerrome CEO says

    I feel it should be a Tablet-Computer hybrid that's mobile. Not a phone

  8. o says

    the ui looks terrible. i wish they made that better. so boxy and boring.

  9. yungdadi says

    This is not a phone but a productivity device the needs the Microsoft pen and is better for business applications than social media

  10. Murshid Raven says

    Who else suddenly missed Lauren Goode

  11. FC1032 says

    I think having those waterfall displays on the hinge area might make these dual screen models work much better for media consumption and appear more like a single screen

  12. Mohammad Hajbeh says

    how does it fit your pocket? it's kinda embarrassing

  13. Matt Helps says

    this could be the next big thing if they released it when it was finished. first thing i would do is put a sticker over that windows logo…

  14. ProdigyXAKEP says

    Weird thing according to modern technologies – why the screen is not flexible as on Samsung Fold or Huawei? Where is a good quality front camera? Where is the stylus? – as it is a "Surface" line, they all went with a stylus. And I think some kind of lighting must be present on the back for SMS or alarms (e.g. logo can flashing). But I like the idea, nice try. Probably I'll buy the second version if it will be better than Samsung Note (I need a stylus! :)). And it's overpriced for sure, Market has better devices for this price. I can't imagine what tasks this device can solve for me… a nice book reading? huh?

  15. belizarius_99 says

    What's better than Dieter? Two Dieters!

  16. Atkins Paints The World! says

    insufferable. the popped collars say it all.

  17. Digitology Guru says

    This is my dream mobile.but I can't purchase it.if you have big heart can you gift me this mobile.plzzzz sir complete my dream.

  18. Harrison Neoh says

    Oh VERSUS brings back a lot of memories. Why just why you guys dropped it?

  19. naircat says

    Not sure what the point of a phone productivity device is. If you're gonna sit down and get some work done, I feel like you might as well just use a laptop. Forcing yourself to be productive on a phone just due to size doesn't seem realistic. I like the design but an 8" continuous screened foldable tablet that can fit in your pocket would be a much better goal, since it can also be used for large screen web browsing and video watching.

  20. Michael Cantatore says

    This is pretty cool. I'm seeing the repairs on this are a nightmare though. The wayyyy cheaper and more practical alternative … Samsung phones with a HDMI connected second touch-screen, about $200 on Amazon. Samsung mastered windowed Android apps years ago, and now with the DeX desktop its AMAZING! I use a 10" Acer connected to my Note 10+ as a second screen. I even use a bluetooth keyboard gamepad that had a built in touchpad.

  21. Kodiak and Grizzly Bears says

    I would not take this device for free!!

  22. jcastillox says

    Too soft on Microsoft products and way too harsh on Apple products. Watching this on my iPad 6th gen. Remember your review Mr Journalist ?

  23. J Bali says

    So, great hardware, questionable internals and ok software. High price, so this is the Pixelbook go phone

  24. Francisco Susana Canela says

    I missed videos like this from the verge, thanks guys!!!

  25. Shane Mathew Philip says

    It's a thing of beauty.

  26. Frank C says

    Nah why complicate your life. This guy cant even like this. But microsoft stock instead

  27. Wr Im says

    Looks very shabby…….compared to fold 2

  28. Wr Im says

    Not at all

  29. HolyBasil says

    How could you not talk about the speaker…

  30. That Birb says

    $1400 yeah theres the first problem

  31. TankQ says

    Microsoft bad at software?

  32. chrisgangsta says

    You are like the most likable tech reviewer in all of youtube, so professional without being boring, entertaining without becoming a clown.

  33. Maximum Softness says

    This video was one of the most enjoyable things I have watched in a long time on YouTube. Well done sir!!

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