Middle school "fashion"


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  1. illymation says

    hello it is illy from the future… i dress better and you can too: https://hereforthechaos.com !

  2. Weirdo4Life says

    In middle school I just grabbed something from the closet and put it on.

  3. Inferno_Fox17 says

    5:29 I don’t know what it is but this look hits different ?

  4. Yusuke Octo says

    0:13 hehe i’m going through that rn ;^;

  5. abigai picho says


  6. A.S.K US says

    All might.. it’s gonna be okay…

  7. Jacqueline Vargas says

    2:44 be giving me Emichu vibes

  8. playboy speedwagon says

    Middle school closet:Jeans and sweat pantsHoodies and football jerseysLong socks A chainAnd shoesMaybe

  9. MoonChan says

    “Make your clothes about you and what you like “ (or something)Me: writes “girls” on my shirt

  10. Seakindly Foil School says

    4:02 all might body pillow DEAD


    My school sucks we have uniform 🙁

  12. Takeshi Sharingan says


  13. Brussel Gaming says


  14. Sarah Kottelenberg says

    bro, I love those pineapple 13 phones! they're soooooo high tech.

  15. endless cup of tea and kookies says

    illy : all y'all in middle school have it so good rn Me starts middle school during covid : ??…?? no….no we don't

  16. KONO DIO DA says

    Love Nikki—))

  17. x MidNight x says

    5:38when her shirt said Kachow Til I Die I thought it said Kachan til I die; any other weebs watching?

  18. Ava Meling says

    middle schoolers now do not have it good everyone drinks and smokes and there are so many bully's so you guys had it better.

  19. Its Meli says

    When you said “cause socks are lame” it hurt my heart ?? :c

  20. TheFreakazoid says


  21. R a i n y _ E y e z says


  22. Hikalgo says

    ¿? Serius

  23. Emily Thompson says

    I think yall did not see this but…At 4:01 you can se all might on the pillow…(plz no hate comments..i hate those)

  24. Xx_floof-dragon_xX says

    i also was born naturly with red hair soz for spelling mistake)

  25. The Beans says

    We both went to the same school I just realize

  26. fluorescents says

    4:44 sis said HiYa gEoRgiE

  27. ShadamyLover15 says

    In middle school my mom always shopped in the clearance rack of the abercrombie store. Because I was so small body wise it was the only clothes I could wear ?

  28. Somethin Random says

    KachowTil i die

  29. Bethany Hughes says

    “All of y’all in middle school have it so good rn!”Me: * is going through puberty, having to deal with toxic friends, and haveing the whole year ruined due to a cirten virus… * ahh yes. Good.

  30. Strawberrysummer ! says

    I have red hair too.

  31. Vedanti Karna says

    Me (doesn't care about fashion): WHy aRe Y'aLL sO bOtHeReD aBoUt HOw YoU lOOk

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