Midway (2019 Movie) New Trailer – Ed Skrein, Mandy Moore, Nick Jonas, Woody Harrelson


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Midway — In theaters November 8, 2019. Ed Skrein, Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Aaron Eckhart, Nick Jonas, Etsushi Toyokawa, Tadanobu Asano, Luke Kleintank, Jun Kunimura, Darren Criss, Keean Johnson, Alexander Ludwig, with Mandy Moore, Dennis Quaid and Woody Harrelson.

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MIDWAY centers on the Battle of Midway, a clash between the American fleet and the Imperial Japanese Navy which marked a pivotal turning point in the Pacific Theater during WWII. The film, based on the real-life events of this heroic feat, tells the story of the leaders and soldiers who used their instincts, fortitude and bravery to overcome the odds.

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  1. Ernie Givens says

    house hunters international

  2. favour Abraham says

    But then it's similar to pearl Harbor, it's literally the same story line

  3. Mohammad Zikrillah says

    Sangat bagus filmnya membuat jantung ikut berdebar dan membuat semagat baru .. …very very good

  4. candanice thomas says

    please me bruno mars

  5. Chris Gill says

    I really enjoyed this film, much better than perl harbour, I highly recommend watching if you love your ww2 films

  6. Han Lockhart says

    This is a surprisingly good movie, that I didn`t expect from Hollywood in this time. It even gets stuff right that most people would only know from actually studying the events. And no retarded love nonsense either.

  7. No Expert says

    i have no good points about this movie

  8. stephanie hackett says

    pink floyd reaction

  9. Goblin Slayer says

    Battle of Leyte: Am i a joke to you?


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  11. Everything Music And Guitar Shenanigans says

    I watched this movie just today.I know I'm late. I just wanted to say"when I die I hope they give me a funeral like Roy Pearce".But it probably won't happen since there's not that many people to fill a room up that much that actually like me personally.

  12. sara vera says

    trippie redd

  13. Dreadtor says

    pls push this linkhttps://youtu.be/88iVG0yv03Y

  14. Joe Bryant says

    As with every American WWII movie it begins with a bitchy and whiny attack on the British and then moves on to an absolutely ridiculous and excessively fantastical action sequence before showing how America won the war single-handedly.Avoid like the plague. Utter trash of a -video game- movie. Bad script, bad editing, bad acting, bad sound, bad everything. They could't even sequence the video and audio right. And add to that that well-known effect of bad sound production that means men speaking on the deck of an aircraft carrier sound like they are reading a script while sat on a stool in a sound-proofed audio booth in Studio City while sipping coffee as they wrap a second scarf around their neck.

  15. Radiation Soldier13384 says

    I got nothing to say but really for those who didn't see the movie, it was really great and pls stop saying critics on this one like its a shame that Admiral Nimitz Is not the kind of actor that you like and stupid fake love triangles. This movie is one of the masterpieces of the 21st Century movies that struck the minds of people about the terrifying horrors of the Second World war. Let's just enjoy and watch the movie before commenting

  16. Injun Mick says

    Terrible movie, want the real thing? Watch John Ford's Midway.

  17. flash tech says

    what a great movie i fell asleep watching it

  18. Scott Brogee says


  19. Trickywoo says

    The real ba$tard$ were the social engineers that set up this whole thing, it was all planned. Countries aren’t what people think they are.

  20. Laz Buza says

    It’s on HBO right now and I thought it was great! Wish I would have seen it in the theaters before the lockdown.

  21. Jany Bravo says

    david allan coe

  22. 5 ER says

    We want Independenceday 3!!

  23. Android Games info says

    Dick best!!!

  24. Geilo Matiko says

    freakin baaad CGI! what da fuk

  25. Nahuel Deltrozzo says

    Loved this movie.

  26. Genevieve Lim says

    baldur's gate 3

  27. Holy_Crusader says

    Japan wouldn't have conquered the west coast, Hawaii yes, maybe Alaska, but never actual Americans mainland soil, too risky, you'd be overextended and open to massive counterattacks

  28. Muhammad Ali says

    Transitions overloaded

  29. madison winkler says

    country music playlist 2019

  30. Sahil Assi says

    F…….ck USA long live germany I love German

  31. sadie holwuttle says

    johnny b goode

  32. Racer_NL says

    Alexander Ludwig: I did it for Valhalla

  33. Hangal Balt says

    I watched the movie not the trailer?

  34. Darren McDonald says

    The American government knew days in advance that pearl harbour was going to happen,they let it happen so it would bring them into the war ! No money in peace !

  35. Deepak Sankhyan says

    Watched it. Apart from the lead, it was bearable.

  36. RON776 says

    I'll stick with the Original made back in 70s with all great Actors.

  37. Wotsma Naym says

    1:00 – Best bit of trailer: Typewriting Intensifies

  38. Nexus Player says

    Midway movie= great, Chinese money= damn!

  39. Jonn111 says

    This is gunna be sick because i sae the real ship in san diego

  40. AngloHuscarl says

    CGI running on a 48k Spectrum!

  41. StudleyDuderight says

    The battle of Midway deserved a full on mini series like Band of Brother and The Pacific. This movie had gloss over so many details and leave out others for the sake of fitting the main story into a full length film. I'm not saying the movie was by any means bad just that it was too short.

  42. MSG Vlog says

    Wow. I can see a good combinationThe Conjuring :- Patrik WilsonDeadpool :- Ed SkreinJumanji :- Nick JonasZombieland:- Woody Harrelson

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