Milan Fashion Week February 2018 – by A FASHION


Highlights from Milan Fashion Week, Fall & Winter 2018.

Kenshin Beowülf – Mais [Brazilian Bass]

Video Credits:
Roberto Cavalli
Alberta Ferretti
Happy Monday
Next Management
Max Mara
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini
Emilio Pucci
Salvatore Ferragamo
Dolce & Gabbana
Tommy Hilfiger

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  1. m. mache says

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  2. Isabel Torres says


  3. Bubul sen says

    Gigi is the best

  4. Aryan Raj says

    Why Gigi Hadid is always available in every fashion show

  5. Phu Quy Pham Thi says

    No good

  6. خلود محمد says


  7. خلود محمد says

    وكريستيان لوبوتين

  8. خلود محمد says


  9. خلود محمد says

    ع جمالهم ?

  10. خلود محمد says

    دعايه لبنات السعوديه قبح الله وجهها نعرف انهم جميلات مش محتاجين تعريصها ?

  11. Xcz 88 says

    واتفرج ع جمالهم ?

  12. nooo raanta says


  13. Fly 317 says

    Txs for sharing.Please allow me to share aboutFashion School In Milan

  14. 木村優斗 says

    Model at 0:54 what her name??

  15. Agostina Ibarra says

    Seul fashion week !!!

  16. mar says

    what Is her name? 2:38

  17. Наталья Ха says

  18. Linus Harde says

    Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?

  19. jjsmama401 says


  20. Lissandra Freljord says

    Where is Armani? And Valentino ought to be ashamed for going to PFW?

  21. Bridge Polit says

    issaaaa liiish <3

  22. Bennewman11 says

    Gigi Hadid is half White European and Half Arab she should have jet black hair does she dye her hair blonde????

  23. Ahsan Fuadi Sitompul says

    My Gigi

  24. Milan Kc says

    Gigi Hadid

  25. dede4004 says

    OMG, I so miss the days of Coco Chanel, Halston and the original Dior. This is awful

  26. Joi Fontaine says


  27. Janthima Phongsai says

    Model at 3:04 What her name?

  28. Jeff Emerson says

    What is Tommy, pre-teen, Hilfiger doing in this video?

  29. Maverick101 says

    Love Fendi

  30. keivefy says

    Yawn…..I got bored after the first 30 seconds of the insta models.Next!

  31. Byron says

    Italians do it better!!! ?

  32. Melchizedek Capistrano says

    Nice video!!! I wish though that the lady, who swept Milan like no one’s business, was featured as well- like even for two seconds. Yes, I am talking about Sora Choi.

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