Time to fight it out with Lucky Blocks in Bedwars!
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Lucky Block Mod:

In this 1.8.9 Minecraft Lucky Block Bedwars Modded Mini-Game:
We need to defend out bed at all costs because if you die with it gone you lose! We can open lucky blocks to gain, items, weapons, and blocks in the challenge!

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  1. Anna Bielanski says

    Your ment to play with Jen

  2. jessie guan says

    dude we need a bedwars game with dan, stampy,jen and lizzie

  3. King Charmander Gaming says

    He should get skeppy to play with him

  4. Daffa Rizky A.S says

    Pat: I feel like Lizzie is the ultimate Minecraft playerDream & Tecnoblade: You underestimate my power

  5. ChristianNotFound says

    Do you know lizzy is on mc championship

  6. Patricia Ur mom says

    Can u do a qaurtine lucky block plss.?? ????

  7. LittleDR says

    S I M P????

  8. Esma_Playz Heart says

    Who stilk remembers jen..?

  9. Sophiestar725 Moo says

    They didn’t show Lizzie break pats bed first round

  10. Bryson Lerch says

    I love watching all your YouTube videos I’ve seen them all it’s all because of you I got my very own YouTube channel so thank you and I only have four videos on it explaining what I’m going to do it so if you could go check it out that would mean the world to me it’s called Elvis gaming

  11. I Like Llamas says

    Pat: I'm a very lucky person*gets supercharged creeper out of a lucky block*

  12. Declan Bryant says

    His villagers were invisible and i saw the red OF THEIR DEATH

  13. Minda Capsa says

    whats with you and playing with girls

  14. AlphaNeoGold says

    Man I wonder what would happen if Pat went against actual Bedwars Youtubers.

  15. Meleeya Bellfield says

    Go to 4:30 in the vid than mmk me later lol

  16. nadia ansari says

    That intro made my day

  17. Cesar Cortes says

    Bro he’s at 800 FPS

  18. More with Misa says

    No one should be hating on Lizzie for being in the vid with pat bc she is married to Joel sooooo

  19. Suhana Mohamed says

    This vid will get alot of like when LDShabowLady is here eeeeeek

  20. The YouTube Bender says

    Pat you should do a 2v2 you and ileni vs smallishbeans and lizzie

  21. catarina herrera says

    when worlds collide

  22. Wesley Gottula says

    Cover your bed in unlucky blocks.

  23. pinkfoxUwU says

    Hey doesn’t seem the same without Jen it’s there choice tho….Nice Vid!!

  24. Frost -Clone deserter says

    I came back to these old videos for the nostalgia

  25. CC1Gamer 47 says

    When did pat add a face cam?

  26. Chubs Gaming says

    You should do this with all of your friends

  27. Evie Koch says

    i like jen more

  28. Crypto says

    do a bedwars with lizzie, jen, eleni, crainer, thea, and of course you 😀 also i've been a fan for 5 almost 6 years

  29. Kenneth Plays Games says

    Nah fam dream is the best. He makes the best big brain plays and can be 1v3d but still beat mc like it’s nothing.

  30. iiSpxkle says

    I'm so sad you and Jen split

  31. Lankybox FanBoi says

    They should doPat & Smallishbeans v.s Jen & Ldshadowlady?????

  32. Lankybox FanBoi says

    "Im a really unlucky person"1.) Great a building stuff2.) Great youtuber3.) Etc.

  33. Corynn Loonsfoot says

    I love how he hasn't changed his intro in 4+ years

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